It sure is making me sad. Mom even emailed me the other day: Why has it been four days since you posted something on your blog?

And so I posted something fast and easy. An answer this post…(which actually got some comments from a few of you. Thank you!)

At least I know my mom is anxiously awaiting my each and every post. She certainly doesn’t await my each and every phone call. (Post for another day…just found the perfect (and I mean PERFECT) pin for that post.

I feel like a lazy blogger lately. It seems like I’m a lazy blogger.

What’s really happening is it’s finals for Zach and so my time on the computer is CRUNCHED…it’s terrible really.

I have a school laptop but it’s like a million years old.

So this is the beginning of the arguments in favor of Sharlee getting a teeny, tiny net book.

From her dad.

Here are the reasons my dad should get me a net book for Christmas:

1. My dad is rich. He pretends like he’s not. He lies. He has a wad of money in his pocket and it seems that that wad only makes an appearance when an electronic device needs to be purchased. Purchase away, dad.

2. My dad reads this blog (from his fancy-pants tablet, by the way–I’m telling you electronic devices). Anyway, yes…my dad reads this blog! It’s actually awesome. Everyone should comment and say hi to my dad and tell him he needs to get me a net book.

3. My dad has always favored my brother to me. It’s a sad, sad reality. But there is hope that he can make it up to me and undo years of damage.

4.This really doesn’t have much to do with my dad but I was thinking about how I use the internet for recipes like…daily. If I had a net book I could set it up on the kitchen counter and work away–much unlike now when I run from the kitchen to the bedroom every two seconds to read the next step. I’m searching for ways this could benefit my father…hmmm…I feed him once a month at my house and he doesn’t like chicken. I could look for non-chicken recipes on the internet just for you, daddy!

5. Because I called you daddy on the world wide web. I’m no dummy…that will win you over right then and there.

Thanks, Dad!

I’ll be waiting for my Christmas gift.

p.s. Dad, I hope you realize I would actually feel bad if you did this…seriously. This is a joke. But the web people can be judgemental and I actually think you need to take my mom on vacation more than anything else in the whole wide world. That’s the truth.