Hi Everyone(or a few of you who read this)

Don’t you just love how I title a lot of my blogs with words from people other than myself?

I am giving a lesson in my church class this Sunday on Gratitude and it has been on my mind a lot this past week.

I just would like to state some things I am truly grateful for-some are simple and some are a little more profound..

Today I am grateful for the warmth of my home and the comfort of coming home to it. I find peace here. I have love here. I have Todd here. I am grateful for him every day too. I am grateful for his willingness to work hard so that we do have this warm home to come to. I am grateful to have him to talk to and share my life with and I am grateful that he looks real good in jeans and a sweatshirt :)

I am grateful for the job I have. These days I believe I should be grateful to have ANY job but, this is a decent job that I really like. I like the people I work with here. I would say that it even verges on Love for some of them. I spent quite a few years of my life in a stressful, hateful, snide environment and this job has given me back my personality and life. They are good to me here. I can pay my bills here. I am by no means rich but this job has provided me the opportunity to raise my children with healthcare and to feed them and pay for their sports and dancing and some of our most memorable holidays. And yes their weddings. I am truly grateful for this.

I am grateful for Sharlee and Shane.. They will forever and always be my two greatest blessings on this earth. I am grateful for Kylie and Zach.  It is just more proof of how good Shar and Shane are… as they chose well in marriage and they make our family better because of it. I am grateful that they both have a sense of humor and that they use it. They can make even Todd laugh.. They are pretty freaking good too. I was blessed with never having to see if they would make it through school and they didn’t make terrible choices to cause them or our family a lot of grief. I know this is a total gift in and of itself.  I am grateful that they even sometimes call Todd and me to invite us to do things with them.  I am grateful for their friends. I love them all. I love Misty and Ken and I love all the boys..my basketball boys and Myles.. oh how I do love these people

I am grateful to my friends .. and the variety that they add to my life. I could bring them all together and I don’t think any of them would know what to say to one another but I LOVE Them all. There is a richness from having them that I can not explain.

I am grateful for my family and this also means Todd’s family.. so whenever I mention family in the future please always know they are also included. They are good to me. I love that my nieces and nephews like me(for the most part :). That my sister makes me laugh like no other. That my dad is still spouting his words of wisdom to me and helping me with car problems and shooting with my kids. That I can email Taunya and Mary Jo and they write me back and talk to me like I belong to them as wel. I am grateful that I am going “home’ to Utah for Thanksgiving and that Gordon is there and that he lets us come anytime we want. He has been so very good to us. I am grateful for the family that I miss who are no longer here with us- for mom and Marty and my grandparents and aunts and uncles. I miss them every day and that is sad but is still a gift as my life would not have been the same without them.

I am grateful for a body that is healthy and can do all the things that I ask it to do. I might say I would like it a lot more were it a smaller one or one like the one Aleisha has that Shar pointed to in her blog. That one does A lot of stuff. I am grateful for the message from Aleisha’s blog though.. it made me very conscious of the gift ..It also showed me why Shar like’s her so much.

I am grateful that I do not have to hunt and fish and chop up my own food. (this will be another blog )

I am grateful for:

Self propelled lawn mowers.

Good lotion and deodorant (not just for myself but those around me)

Pine Sol

Magazines and movies and movie theater popcorn.

Chinese Take-out.

On a more serious note:

I am grateful for my beliefs and for the knowledge of a living Savior and a Heavenly Father who loves and knows me personally. I am grateful every single day for that knowledge and for the countless times it has given me strength.. I know that whatever happens to me whether I am alone or in a group I  always have him to watch over me. I have his care and his plan to follow and his gift of forgiveness.. His grace is a gift I rely on every day that I live. I am ever grateful for the sacrifice and love.

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.  Have you used one to say “thank you?”  ~William A. Ward