soooo I checked this morning and I screwed up and this didn’t even POST last night !!! Read it anyway ok???

Good Evening every one .. Well it is Friday Night and I didn’t post a blog until now. Sharlee was telling me she would have to remove me as a blogger if I do not post PROMPTLY on Friday

So I thought I better hurry and get one out ..Let her know you’d miss me ok???

Shar and  I just came back from the Christmas show.. It is basically like a huge bazaar/flea market type thing at the Fairgrounds in Boise. I have taken Shar there since she was a little girl.I actually took Shane there too before he decided he didn’t like shopping around for anything that didn’t say NIKE on it. So anyway the place is like visiting old relatives. We have actually gone so much that we know a lot of the people who run the booths. We look for certain foods and sadly for the pillow people.. They were not here this year so we had to rest at the Happy Feet Booth and escape purchasing a 40 dollar pair of insoles.. Which by the way did feel heavenly.

My point is the Christmas Show is not as much about what we are buying there as it is about -Christmas and tradition and me and Shar getting to hang out together and have fun. (with the exception of the half an hour diatribe from the Pyramid Sales lady):) oh hell that is another blog.

I look forward to this thing every year. We plan it and have only missed it a few times in all her years growing up. I actually have a picture of her and Shane with Santa at one of them. We have gone with Cara and my mom and  friends and I have fun memories of all of them. Sometimes funny as well (the creepy chiropractor booth one time for instance)

enough rambling.. just wanted to say that I love Christmas I love everything about it.. I even love  the part that as my husband likes to say is “Only a gift for Merchants”. I love the stores all decorated and the really good sales on EVERYTHING I would want. The As Seen on TV gimmicks, the music the movies, the Christmas Trees, our family Christmas Eve, Santa, Children Believing and KNOWING, homemade treats and lights and cards in the mail instead of just bills, and most of all the true reason for the season. Our Savior. I love the story of his arrival here to earth, the Star and Mary and Joseph and the 3 Wise Men and Shepherds, His complete and total love for us and the greatest gift ever given to us all the Atonement.