For pale skin covered from head to toe.

As much as I love Christmas and the whole holiday season,

I hate the winter. I abhor the winter. I despise the winter.

There aren’t enough words for me to truly explain to you how much I dislike the season.

I hate my cold hands. I hate scraping my windows in the morning. I hate being bundled up all of the time.

The winter here this year has been beautifulĀ  and perfect so far. I don’t think I’ve even really complained once yet…which is probably record-breaking for me.

But today, as I searched for a picture on my computer I came across this photo:

This is me. Right before we left to Hawaii. My plan was to document myself leaving in a sweatshirt and taking pictures in a bathing suit later. For various reasons, that didn’t happen.

But my goodness. Look at that tan!

It was only May and I had been tanning in preparation for my trip (and to be honest, because I love to tan. You can spare the lecture. I know) and I just long for a tan like that right now.

And then of course the reality hit that I will be wearing long sleeves, tights, sweaters, and sweatshirts well into May even June. With that little reminder came a little ache. The ache of wanting summer.

I love the Christmas season. I also love a good tan.

I think I need to move to Florida.