I was going to write about New Years Day and resolutions as well but I wanted to spend a little time thinking them through this week because I REALLY want to accomplish them this year..

  I resolve to write about them next week  :)

 I have decided to reflect on things that I have known all along and finally come to accept or things that I have learned in the past year that can probably help me in my life (if I don’t let them get washed up in my swirl of thoughts in my daily life). Maybe they can help you a little too.

1. Dying doesn’t make you a saint! If you were not a saint on the earth you are not a saint after death. I have seen this in my life as well as in lives of very public individuals. I am not going to be popular for this conclusion but, it is true. If you lived a selfish, rude, condescending life you were a rude condescending person. If you were mean death doesn’t change this. The traits you have here are who you are so if you want to be listed as a good person when you croak you dang well better be one here. That is unless you are a very well known inventor and corporate mogul. In this case people will cry and lay flowers at your house and say they loved you when they didn’t know you at all. No matter that you had volatile temper, treated employees with total disregard, treated some of your family this way as well…  it is all good because people all over the world use your products and live for the new ones. So you were intelligent… Great! Good For you… There are many more things to answer for than this. This goes for everyday people in responsible positions treating the people they deal with like dirt in the name of” it is merely business” as well. You were a dink… you still are…

2. “Forgiveness is not earned it is given.” I read this somewhere and I have kept it in mind for a long time because I have a lot of trouble with this one. I try to forgive as well as I want to be forgiven. So I read this and learned it and now I am going to try to use it and hope others will give me the same. We will see how that goes. This is probably going to be my hardest resolution as well

3.  Money doesn’t buy class. 

4.  It is not selfish to try to take care of yourself.

5. People should not have children if they don’t want them or they think they are too much work!!

Please listen to me on that one. They are a gift… Heavenly Father loves them. He entrusted you with them. If you can’t take it on DON’T. Same thing with marriage if you can’t stand that it takes work and you are too lazy to try DON’T do it… Get a pet. On a Side note if it is too much work to be married and you are the only one doing the work and you are sad and sorry and miserable… GET OUT and get the peace.

6. Being sorry and hating oneself for mistakes doesn’t change it. Regret something and then move on. The past is gone- today is here and the only thing we can change is the future.

I hope to change my future by paying attention to the lessons of the past (not living in the past-Just learning from it!)