It might just be me, but I hate having a mess of things in my email inbox. Here are a few tips for keeping your inbox organized and free of junk:

1. Limit the number of email accounts you have. Delete an account or two if you have too many.

2. Create labels for common email subjects (family, financial, church emails, etc.) Do this for work and for home. Put them in there.

3. Use your email’s search option when looking for a specific note…type in one key word and you will see all messages that include that one word.

4. Choose a number of messages in your inbox that you’re comfortable with. My boss literally has over 1,000 messages in his inbox and it drives me insane when he pulls it up in front of me. I would love to stay below 50 but right now, I still have 100 as my limit. Once a week I go through and respond to emails, save information, move an email to a new folder, etc…until I’m under my number. It just keeps my inbox a little less overwhelming.

5. Make time daily to respond to messages. Every day during lunch take five minutes or maybe five minutes after dinner and respond to the emails that aren’t as demanding. Get that task taken care of quickly and delete or move the message.

Anyone interested in being a guest blogger? Do you have a useful tip (or two) that helps you keep your life a little more efficient and organized? If so, let me know. I’d love to have you share!!!