Two tips in one day for the weekend. I won’t be posting on Sundays so you’ll find your two tips at once on Saturdays.

Tip 1:

Buy in Bulk

Our freezer in all of it’s glory. (Red Baron pizzas were on sale, and we loaded up. Not that we eat them all that often, but they are good for “I don’t have time or feel like cooking nights” and they’re much cheaper than eating out.)

When chicken breast are on sale, we buy in bulk. When grated cheese is on sale, we buy it in bulk. When frozen vegetables are on sale, we buy in bulk. And then we freeze. I’ve found that if you buy the cheese pre-sliced or shredded, it doesn’t crumble when you thaw it. Here is a link that tells you some other things you can freeze.(For example, I had no idea you could freeze eggs!)

Not only does this save time when dinner time/meal planning/unplanned meal making is taking place, but it also saves money!

Tip 8:

Make the Bed Every Morning


It makes all the difference in the world. I swear by it!

p.s. Isn’t this bedroom heavenly?