It’s that time again. And you know, I’ve started to lose interest in recapping my thoughts on The Bachelor. I’m going to anyway simply because I enjoy hearing back from you guys when I’m lucky enough to. I will be sending you here to read the recap each week, though, because these ladies are bound to entertain.


I always watch The Bachelor at my mom’s…we have dinner first and watch. Now, my sister-in-law Kylie joins us. So here we sit on the couch, with the DVR on pause. I’m typing fast away on my little net book. (I brought my net book because I decided that my Bachelor recap posts were going to be made up simply of the comments that come out of my mom’s mouth during the show–more on that later. I thought it would be funny or mildly amusing if nothing else.) Anyway, my mom and dad have the missionaries living with them. One of the elders is in the kitchen preparing a snack. Of course he would come into the kitchen during a hot tub scene. Definitely made me realize how sleazy this show really is…so I found an appropriate spot to pause (not easy) on Ben’s face and we wait.

Okay so our mom’s thoughts tonight:

“Oh good heaven! Cut it out!”–During the one on one date with Courtney and Ben and the dog while they were howling.

Ben:It’s almost too good to be true!                                                                  Mom: Yeah. It is.

“Oh deary, she’s horrid!”–

One of the girls:“”Here’s to the skinny tie!”

One of the girls:“Here’s to the skinny tie coming off!”

Mom: “Here’s to not being a slut!”

Me: That girl there looks like a girl in my ward.                                                  Mom: That one there looks like my grandma and this one here can’t shut her eyes straight.

Kylie: Who left?

Mom: The Nutcrack. The crazy Nutcrack is going home.


My favorite quote of the night would be from the “nutcrack” herself:

I can’t believe this is happening to me.

Other than that, I couldn’t care less. I’m not attached to anyone. My money’s not even on anyone at this point. I can’t wait ’til next week, though.