How do you keep yourself motivated to keep your resolutions?

This year, I really didn’t want to fail at my resolutions. So I posted some goals/motivational quotes on my mirror. A little like the Sharlee everyone knew and loved in high school, but it works for me. At least it works for me a little.

I also went out and spent some money putting together a no-excuse gym bag. It has hair ties, deodorant, face wash, chap stick, tissues, lotion, a brush, body spray, earphones, and socks in it. I know me. I know that I’ll get to the gym and think Oh, darn! Don’t have my hair ties, can’t work out today. (Note the mildly sarcastic tone). I would honestly go home and sleep. I would. I know me. Nevermind that I already got up and drove to the gym. It’s just me. So I prepared for every past excuse ahead of time.

Zach put a playlist together for me on my phone (thanks, Zach) and I have one of the songs on there as my alarm for when I get up in the morning. This is the song. You’re about to learn a whole lot more about me. When I work out I typically use visualization as a motivational strategy. What do I visualize? Myself in a pair of butt-flattering jeans. Yes, that’s what does it for me. It just works. So this song, makes me want to get in those jeans and therefore it helps me get out of bed in the mornings.

As for eating healthy, I’ve been using  Dashing Dish site a lot. I found it a few months back and I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it. I love the dinner choices, they’re more up our alley. Everything sounds and looks good. The author is gorgeous and healthy looking which is all the more inspiring. To top it all off, she is a devout Christian and not only shares recipes for food but also shares devotionals regularly on her site. I find this website inspiring and encouraging all the way around.

I don’t have any suggestions for remembering to pray, other than, the more you do it, the easier it becomes to remember. I’m just working on that.

With scripture reading, I found this site two years back when our ward Young Women read The Book of Mormon in one month. Read the Scriptures actually sends you your daily reading as an email–you can choose the book of scripture you want, how much you want to read, and it will be in your inbox in the morning, free of charge. This has helped me to get my reading in. It’s not ideal for me, I’d still like to read out of my books, but for now, while starting the habit and also helping me to feel more uplifted on a daily basis.

Those are some ways I’ve set myself up for success with some of my resolutions. How about you.

What are your tips/tricks for sticking with your goals?