Haven’t we heard that since the time we were little ones? Mom’s yelling, “Is that where this belongs?”

I know. I know. However, assigning everything a place is one of the wisest pieces of advice that I know of.


Our laundry room in all it's glory...I copied this laudry room idea from numerous bloggers that have shown off exquisite laundry rooms. However, my bleach is in sight on the shelf alongside an extra bottle of liquid detergent. I find that as long as everything has it's place and it's useable it can still be asthetically pleasing

How calming is it to know where something is because you always put it in the same spot? Think of all the moments of panic you could avoid: lost car keys, a lost purse, cell phone, an ingredient, a toy, a phone number, etc. My opinion is that life becomes exponentially more efficient when everything has a place.

Which is why knickknacks drive me insane…I don’t have room for those! They don’t have a place.

I read on a blog once (the blog has since been taken down unfortunately, it was one of my favorites) that a key to organization is having a designated drop spot. A place to put the things you bring in the door with you, purse, keys, cell phone, etc.

Bless my husband for staying with me at the beginning of the designated drop spot phase. That was the key phrase around here for a long time.

“Is that the designated drop spot you picked?”

“If you don’t use the designated drop spot, Zach, you won’t ever get in the habit and we’ll be dealing with this forever!”

Zach: Where are your keys?

Shar: In the designated drop spot.

Sometimes I am soooo Monica it’s scary.

But now we have drop spots. Zach’s is the side of his bed, unfortunately, and mine..well, I don’t exactly think it’s smart to tell the world where I keep my keys, purse, etc. at all times. But I have a spot for it.

When I walk in the door, the first thing I do is hang up my coat and put those things where they belong. It really has lessened morning stress—I know where my things are at all times.

So what are some of your “homes” for different items? Cleaning supplies, linens, games, DVDs, children’s artwork?