Three days all at once. Wow! Here are some useful websites to keep you on track and save you time!

Day 13

If you set a New Year’s resolution to get in shape and get healthy, I highly recommend using It’s a website that’s free to use. It tracks calorie intake, exercise, measures goals you set, and provides all sorts of useful information. I started using it last week. Though, my exercise goals have yet to be met. I know. I know. This will be the week. I just have to shake this awful cough I have.

Day 14

For the elementary teachers out there Lesson Plans SOS is a great resource. They have great ideas for teaching different topics. They also have files that you can purchase for a reasonable price. Last year, I used them to help me put together a few substitute lessons. The lessons are spelled out for you, so it was a great way to leave something fun for a sub to do without having to type up step by step directions. Time is money, right?!

Day 15

Another website I’ve found for keeping up with those resolutions is Chocolate Covered Katie. I’ll be honest, there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to share this website because I plan to try out some of the recipes on there to wow family, friends, and coworkers. Then I realized that I have 350 days to still post fun little tips for making life a little more simple. That means I have to share every little secret stash I have. Plus, if it helps you to make yourself a healthy and tasty dessert and still stick to your goals, it makes it all worthwhile. This website is FILLED with sweet treat ideas that are healthy and taste GOOOD. I highly recommend checking it out.

Do you use any of these websites?

Do you have any other helpful sites?

If you check these out, let me know what you think.