Why we never hear about Barack Obama’s old girlfriends.. I am not his wife.

What religion ANY of the presidential candidates are. They are not the pastor, preacher, priest or bishop of MY church.

To see their income tax returns.. I am not an auditor-They are not in prison for evasion and they are  wealthy businessmen so apparently they pay them..

What you THINK I believe.  If you want to really know ask ME.. if not shut up!!

What you think of the dynamics of my relationship with my husband. It works for us. I love him and he loves me.. (

What Angelina Jolie wears to an awards ceremony she is not my daughter ( thank you heaven for that ).

That people who are gay want to be married…  I am married to the person I want to be married to.

That you think women who would rather stay home and raise their family or be a housewife are old fashioned. If I had the means to do this I would do it in a heartbeat.. no questions asked and no sorrow at leaving you and your opinion behind..

That  you think I must be boring because I choose not to drink… ask my friends.. I am not boring.. (or rather don’t ask as I don’t care)

That you do drink… you do not impress me with your wine tasting dinner party stories.  Hard to believe but this does not matter one bit to me.

If you own a gun and are “insured by Smith and Wesson”. So does my dad and husband and son-in-law. I  don’t-so stop sending me information on that!!

If “so and so has missed another day of work”- “has been out on break 15 times today” –“is talking on the phone for an hour”-  I am not doing their work.. I am doing my own…

That the neighbor next door has been working on his car for 2 weeks and it is not running.. and he must be a fool.. it is not my car….

That you think I talk too much.- laugh too much-cry too much.. Don’t YOU talk to me .. laugh with me or make me CRY.

That you think it is horrendous that I like Diet Pepsi and that the ingredients in it if multiplied by a billion would kill a rodent.. People die of various causes every single day. I love it – you don’t- this does not make you holy…

That so and so is fat. Why is that your issue? This one appalls me more than most. Why do people think they are better because they are thin? They are not.. This is a size difference not a measure of a person’s decency… and if we go there may I measure your decency..(oh sorry already have).

What you were in high school.  We most certainly are not still in high school.  We have not been for many years.. What are you now?????

That you think I am too involved in my kids lives.. They are not your kids…. I don’t care what you do with your children as long as they are not tied up in your basement.

And last but not least… That you don’t agree with me on 90% of this blog..