Day 20

Backing up photos…

We back our photos (though we haven’t in a loooooong time…I need to do that, today) on picasaweb. If you have a google account you can have a picasa web account. All of your treasured photos are kept safe and sound (and they’re organized into files…double the organization). And because all blog posts need a picture I decided to dig through some random picasa favorites that I wouldn’t want to lose and share them with you for your entertainment:

Ziplining at Tamarack Fall 2010 for Zach' graduation

Bridal Shower Photo..I have a few of these in there but this one is one of my favorites. Reasons: I'm happy about something, I'm tan, and I'm okay with how I look. Yes, I'm shallow.

Lake Tahoe---beautiful pictures from our blessed honeymoon

Day 21

Do you have lots of cookbooks? I do, too. Well, I did. I still have them, they just received a little water damage. So until I can reply my stash of cookbooks, I cannot store them in cute/useful ways like this:


But you can. And then you can tell me about it.

Day 22

The Daily 7

The other day I was reading On the site she lists her household’s daily seven rules for maintaining order. I love her suggestions. It got me thinking about my own daily seven. I agree with all of her things, but me being me, I have to own my own. So I’m going to give myself a week to come up with a daily seven for my house and I’ll share them. My suggestion is that you, too, come up with a daily seven (or three, four, five, ten…whatever works for you) this week. Either post it and link it to me in a comment or comment next week and tell me what yours are.

Can’t wait to hear!