Not sure if I heard that somewhere else or not or if I just thought it up on my own. What I am sure of, though, is that my mom will hate this post and completely disagree with it.


(By the way, I’m going to start giving themes to the week to help organize the ideas bouncing around in my head. This week is, as you can tell, laundry week.)

She hates laundry. She would rather save it for one big, fat, horrible day.

I don’t hate laundry, but I do hate piles of laundry.

So I try to stick to a load a day. I fold the load that I washed and dried the night before…or try to. Every little bit keeps me from spending a whole Saturday washing and folding clothes.

What do you do? Do you hate laundry like my mom? Do you split laundry up throughout the week or do you have a “laundry day”? What works for your household? Do you want to guest post about laundry?