What’s your healthiest habit?

With new year’s resolutions still in full swing, it calls attention to a healthy lifestyle. There are a lot of habits I’m still either trying to start or trying to kick.

But, as I’ve been doing a lot of reading about being healthy…I realize that I am at least doing one thing right.

I drink water. Lots of water. More than 64 oz of water. Every single day.

I owe it all to these nice little water bottles:

These bottles that have the straw in them. It’s practically a fact that you drink more with a straw. And then this is portable because you can close the top.

I was a decent water drinker before. I’m an EXCELLENT water drinker now.

So what about you? What’s your healthiest habit?

I realize I’m behind on my daily challenge. I just wanted to give plenty of time for you to submit a question. So…my laundry posts are on the way. In the meantime head here and ask me something/anything!