Like I’ve said, Zach is really good about the gift thing.

Well, this gift was technically from Santa, but I think Zach might have whispered in Santa’s ear, because I truly got something I didn’t even know I wanted, isn’t that the best?

I got Brad Paisley concert tickets.

Okay, that’s not true. I knew I wanted to see Brad Paisley, of course. Sadly, I didn’t even know he was coming. (I don’t listen to a lot of country radio. I listen to Mike and Kate in the morning on the way to work everyday. I listen to a mix of country and more Mix 106 on my way home. Lots of times I’m not really paying attention to the radio on the way home, just thinking about various parts of the day or whatnot. I listen to country on Pandora non-stop at home, but I rarely listen to the radio anymore.) Somehow, miraculously, Zach caught that Brad was coming.

I love getting concert tickets as a gift. It’s a two-fold gift. You are excited upon receiving the gift and then you are excited on the day you finally get to use the gift (or the entire week leading up to it if you’re anything like me).

So Thursday night, Zach came home, we ate a small dinner together and off we went. Camera-less. We figured there wouldn’t be cameras allowed, so we just left the camera. Zach did catch some good pictures on his phone, though.

The concert was wonderful. It was just what I needed, personally. It was a night out, I got a little dressed up, and I got to spend an evening with Zach when he normally would have been in class.

The first opening act was Scotty McCreery. I will admit, I wasn’t too excited about him, having very little understanding of who he was. I knew he was an American Idol winner, he was young, and that he had a single on the radio, “I Love You This Big.” I know the words, I sing along, I like the song.

But my goodness. He was probably my favorite opening act EVER. First of all, he is adorable. My gosh. I could just die…he was just so cute–in a little boy/Mormon looking sort of way. Anyway, I found that I also love his voice and I liked most of his songs. My favorite one of the act being “Dirty Dishes.”

The next act was The Band Perry. They are a very trendy hit band in country right now. I love their song “You Lie.” They were gracious and kind. They did a great job.

Finally, Brad came out. He opened with his totally hick song “Camouflage.” I actually love this song. It’s so dumb, but I love it. It’s so redneck. I love it!

Zach and I both sing along to it in the car and I told Zach that when he performed this song that all of the silly girls at the concert would be screaming after the line, “You can blend in in the country. You can stand out in the fashion world. Be invisible to a white tail; irresistible to a redneck girl.” Then I told him that I was going to join them and scream.

This is what I needed. The hick music started playing, I belted along, and I screamed after said line. I laughed. I smiled. I danced. It was exactly what I needed after being in such a slump lately.

It only got better. My heart surged with pride (in my country music) and I got goosebumps when Brad sang “This is Country Music.” (If you’ve never heard it, listen to it, and wait until the end.)

He sang all hits–he had so many cool virtual effects. He was so good to his fans. Giving away guitars to kids, signing phones, and even grabbing a phone that someone was using to record and recorded himself playing the guitar. He also extended his stage beyond our floor seats so that he could be closer to the nosebleed sections. He then told the audience that there were no cheap seats that night. He thanked anyone who bought a ticket during these tough economic times and told them it meant the world to him.

Zach likes Brad Paisley, but he actually loves him after Brad Revealed his nerdy side with a Star Wars themed band introduction.

He included Scotty McCreery in one of his songs as well as the Band Perry. All of the artists came on stage at the end. It felt very unified and was simply well-done. Brad’s videos on the screen behind him were either impressive or humorous.

I was more than impressed. I’ve become even more of a fan. (So has Zach).

I can’t wait for another tour with a stop here in Idaho.

Who would you love to see in concert? My list is long…and keeps getting longer. My two main requests presently are The Zac Brown Band and Eric Church…and of course, I’d see any of the people I’ve already seen.