Get it? A “laundry list” of things to do about laundry.

I like it.

Okay so we left off on Day 23…

So here we go…all laundry ideas:

Day 24


This one is probably my favorite and something I’ve already put in a request to Zach for. Simply put a small shelf on top of your washer/dryer. The shelf serves two purposes. 1. (The most important purpose) Nothing falls behind the washer and dryer…less frustration…better relationship with laundry. 2. It’s cute and practical and you can put things on it. Two very good reasons to put a shelf on top of the washer and dryer, right?

Day 25

Separate clothes before heading to do the wash. (That sounded very much like something my grandma would say). In our house, pre-kids, we have two hampers in our closet. One holds the whites and the other holds the rest. That way, if I’m in a hurry, but I’m trying to keep a load a day, I can grab the whites and through them in. Then I only separate the colored items into two piles (regular colored clothes and delicate clothes).

Day 26

Wash at the same temp. My temperature settings for water are always cold. I am okay with this. I rarely change it up. This doesn’t always work for someone like my mom who needs to wash my dad’s dirty work clothes in hot water. But she could run all other loads on one temp and save my dad’s for last. It’s time-saving and it keeps from making a big mistake.

Day 27

Whether you’re on a laundry schedule like mine once a day or you only do laundry one day a week, I choose my loads by the time I have to put into them. For example, if it’s a busy evening, I will wash towels and maybe a few sweatshirts and jeans. They are super easy to fold and put away. If I have more time I will do whites and put the time into sorting socks or I will wash delicates, because I have to take the time to hang those up to dry. (If you don’t recall, I hate hanging clothes. Folding clothes in fine. I cannot stand hanging them).

Day 28

“Just because you wore it, doesn’t mean it’s dirty.” Oh, my mom loves to read these posts I am SURE. She taught me most of these things (except for the load a day thing) and I wasn’t as good at obeying when I was growing up–sorry, mom. But I’ve learned how very true it is. I will wear the same pants at least twice before washing them.

Unless, of course, I put them on, make myself a turkey sandwich served with a half a cup of bbq sauce literally (my love affair with bbq sauce is becoming embarrassing), and spill it on yourself. I sat down on the couch and Zach goes, “You have bbq sauce all down the front of you.” Well, those pants had to go in the wash and they had literally been worn all of 25 minutes. Oh well. Most  of the time I don’t spill bbq sauce (or anything else) all down the front of me and so I will wear a lot of my clothes at least twice before washing them. It saves me more work and it also saves my clothes.

Day 29

Here is a convenient, all-in-one place to find tips and tricks for getting out certain stains or washing under certain conditions.

Day 30

Make it fun! Make your laundry room neat, tidy, and well-stocked so that other frustrations don’t pop up while you’re trying to get things done! Fold clothes with your kids helping (I know I don’t have kids and so some of you are shaking your heads at me but I was once a kid and my grandma did get me to help by making it a game–that will be a daily post in and of itself sometime this year). Or, sit down with a load of laundry to fold while catching up on reruns of Frasier or Friends. Pair something not as enjoyable with something enjoyable and it’s not so bad.

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