Sharlee has been writing about ways to improve many areas of your life in her blog this past month.

I thought I would check in on you and your resolutions. I would REALLY like to hear how you are all doing.

I am coming along fairly well in a few areas. Though I would like to tell you this is at times very stressful. Let me name  one particular goal and incident. Pardon me for talking so much but this is a story.  

Our family (all but Todd and Kylie  who were apparently smart enough to sit back and watch ) decided we would do a form of fitness challenge.  It became a fitness issue due to the fact that I told Shane I refuse to weigh in .. REFUSE.. which he found horrendously ridiculous.. Well for him maybe but suffice it to say when he brags about lifting 250 or something like that at the gym.I simply laugh in my head as that is not a big deal_ I freaking do this every day getting out of my chair.. What in hell is so wonderful about that? Sorry I  went off on a tangent.. back to the subject…

 In the challenge we  personally decided things we were going to do and then every week we have to add something or increase our effort and we are just checking in.  Mainly Shane is checking in with us to see.. he asks if we are doing what we said we would.

Cara and I decided we would go back to the gym and aim for at least 3 times a week. I might add that I am quite mad at myself that I had to set this goal again as I had been doing this for a very long time and then for some reason.. (I think I was freaking TIRED) I quit!!! Well we took it up and for the Housewives of NY or whoever they are this may not be a big deal but, in order for Cara and I to get to go together we have to go to the gym at 4 in the morning.  I am not a morning person unless you consider that I like to stay up until the morning and then go to sleep. So this in itself is a total wrench.. But, I am proud to state that she and I have been doing it at least 2 times a week but we have been doing 3 most of the weeks .. I know there have only been 5 weeks. Stop talking back to me here…  Baby Steps..

So last week  Levi was gone and needless to say I don’t have the guts to pull myself out alone yet. We only went twice. Shane says “Mom do you want to just do cardio with me on Saturday since Myles isn’t here?” “Sure I say.. not knowing by cardio he meant .. do you want to tie a rope around your neck and swing and try not to die.”  So off I head to the gym going to meet my son.. “aren’t I just the coolest Mom? All I need now is a velour sweat suit and matching head band.” He meets me there- he has been lifting weights for an hour prior and seriously looks innocent enough.. Tells me we have to warm up first. which I thought I did by turning the heater on in the truck on the way over.. but apparently not…

Then he informs me we I have to use the elliptical at the back end of the gym because they have more resistance.  Hell now I might be getting a little worried.  Then we kick it on and he starts pushing my choices for me which by now are NOT my choices. I don’t want the HILL CLIMBER interval>>>> SH…. Oh well been coming for 3 weeks I should be able to do this.  So along we go… I reach for the earplugs going to listen to some music and drown out the sound of my heart beating inside of my skull.  He says “What are you doing?  We are going to talk!!” oh now I am getting worried because I don’t talk I listen to Jimmy Buffett telling me how great things are in Costa Rica… it takes my mind off of the numbness in my left leg… but ..Nice he wants to talk… he pushes his buttons to take his intensity up because “he has to get at least 500 calories in the 25 minutes…”  I am fine with this I am not proud… he is 29 years younger than me and very fitness minded… He also has an easier lifestyle and I have not yet forgotten who he is soooo as he puts it “my parents are OLD… but they are pretty good for how OLD they are.” 

 Gotta love them..

 So we are talking… well mainly he is talking, sweating and pushing his resistance up… I am pushing along grabbing the railing and watching my heart rate climb… which is quite high by now and his says he is at an 85. I am like “wow you really are doing well” and he says…” these aren’t right. Lance Armstrong had a heart rate like this they are screwed”… So now I am worried if his is not right at 85 and must be a 125 then mine must be 180!! I start to decide what kind of baby food I will want when I have my stroke!  Let me tell you… I started to look at him and he became Jillian Michaels which took some doing because he wasn’t screaming at me and he has a square head with shorter blondish hair…  he just kept telling me I had to keep my strides up and stay above .. I can’t remember because my ears were ringing by now… Well I did some praying and I kept doing the yeah- uh huh thing- to keep up my side of the conversation… and I’ll Be Go to hell if I didn’t finish!

So– yeah!  going to get a drink of water and sit down… NOPE… we have to stretch AGAIN…Now I am seeing Jillian for real and I start to wonder if my sweats have turned into a spandex and everyone in Idaho is viewing my flub… he is showing me in the mat these things to do and  my head seriously started to spin. But for some asinine reason I decided NOW that I was too PROUD to drop over in spite of the haziness in the room and the voices sounding as if they were moving farther and farther away… I began to wonder if that is what it is like when Angels are called to heaven… then the thought came to me “probably not -it is what it sounds like when a devil is being dragged into hell” all quiet and hazy and dark.. I pushed myself to sit and stretch and said a little prayer for my soul… Then we finished up and I got a drink and felt like I had been dragged by a horse for two miles… He says” Thanks Mom that was a good workout!”  And I am all lying and telling him “Yeah it was.”

He left the gym… I went to the tanning booth and then showered and went shopping and you know what?  I felt pretty DAMN good.   Will I do it again? Don’t know… Will I keep trying? Yes… Because you know in contrast to Jillian… Bob Harper says  …”it is consistency not intensity”…  

Please let me know how yours are coming. Good luck to us all in February!