My very first restaurant remake.

With our healthy lifestyle change, we are eating out much less frequently.

This is actually the part I worried about the most. The thing that hindered me from really committing for the past two years of our marriage.

I can prepare healthy meals all week long but we’d eat out on the weekend and I would just totally indulge.

Truth be told, I love food. And I love eating out. And as much as I love cooking, I love not having to clean up and prepare a meal. It’s a nice break every once in a while.

We’ve been really successful with not eating out since January 1st. I’m actually very proud of both of us. It hasn’t even been that hard. I just try to prepare a really good meal on Fridays or Saturdays–something we can look forward to. I haven’t even desired to eat out.

Until the other day. One of my student’s mentioned that her family went to Red Robin to celebrate a birthday party.

Immediately my mouth started watering. I started thinking about my favorite meal there (Whisky River BBQ Chicken Wrap). I wanted it. I wanted to eat out.

I knew I shouldn’t…so I decided to make one of my own.

I had already make this recipe for a BBQ Chicken Salad. It has the tortilla strips and everything in it.

I figured I’d make the salad and throw it in a spinach wrap.

I made the tortilla strips by brushing a low-calorie tortilla lightly in oil, cutting it into strips with a pizza cutter, and baking for 15 minutes in the oven on each side.

I made this skinny ranch dressing.

I used Sweet and Spicy Chipotle BBQ Sauce from Kraft (amazing).

And I made these oven-baked fries.

Was it still a higher-calorie indulgent meal? Yes. But it’s okay to still enjoy those every now and then.

And it satisfied my craving.

If you could remake a recipe (either lower calorie or just so that you could have it more frequently) what would it be?