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When we left off, I had just seen Zach for the first time. I determined that he was a. attractive and b. Mormon so I was game.

The most "Mormon" Zach has ever looked. Halloween 2009

That night Zach and I sat across from each other at the table while we played the game Bang. I remember visiting with Zach while all of my friends watched. In hindsight I can see Jen and Tara just watching me as I discovered that the man sitting across from me was exactly what I said I always wanted. It was as if all of my friends in the room knew before I did…almost.

Zach and I had some exchanges that went like this:
“You play poker?!!? I play poker!!”
“You hate BYU??!!! I hate BYU!!!!”

Later that evening Zach was on the phone with someone. He was inviting his brothers/cousin over. They wanted to know who was all there. He started going through the people in the room, pointing to them as he recited them on the phone, ‘Jen, Tara, Brady, Jake, Johnny…” Then he came to me. He pointed at me and a confused look came across his face.

At this point I was crushed. Here I thought we had been flirting all night and he didn’t even know my name. Totally deflated my balloon so to speak.  I responded as casually as I could, “Um. Sharlee.” And as Zach said my name I remember him saying it really slowly and in a strange way, ‘Shaaaarlee.’

While I was crushed, Zach was just registering who I was. He had, in fact, been flirting with the girl Jake was interested in all night long.

The night ended and when Zach and Jake got in the car Zach profusely apologized, ‘I’m so sorry man. So sorry!” Jake says that he just was glad to see Zach happy and enjoying himself.

Well, I was interested. The next day I thought about Zach all day long. I couldn’t help it. As soon as school was over I called my friend Jen. I remember putting papers in my filing cabinet at school (isn’t it strange the things you remember?) I asked, “So what about Jake’s friend?” She responded, ‘What about him?” I said, “Well, he’s attractive for starters, what’s his story?” Jen agreed that he was attractive and told me a little about him from what she knew.

Of course, being the super excited girl that I was I looked him up on Facebook and “friended’ him. (Insert eye roll) I know.

Then I decided to flirt via Facebook, again, I know. I sent both Jake and Zach “super pokes’ and gave them beers. I thought I was being cute because in the game Bang when you get beer it’s life points. Life points are good. So I sent Zach and Jake both beers and told them they were life points.

They both liked that a lot. They thought it was cute of me.