Valentine’s Day came and  Zach went above and beyond for me. Somehow he still felt the need to apologize for not getting me flowers delivered to work. (Apparently some women at work got flowers and I guess it got his attention).

The thing is, Zach does not really get me flowers.

He did for my birthday last year. (But I was appalled by how much he probably spent and they weren’t even my favorite flower, so he basically got them just to get me flowers).

Other than that, I’ve never gotten flowers.

And I don’t need them from him. I truly don’t.


I like flowers very much. But I can buy them for myself.

I am not opposed to receiving flowers as a gift. I don’t have any problems with others getting flowers for gifts. I think it’s sweet and thoughtful and I always “Oooh and Aaah!” when someone at work gets flowers. I can totally appreciate the thought that goes into it. I love getting flowers from other people…my mom, my aunt, etc.

But does my husband need to start joining the masses? No.

First of all, it’s just not that important to me. It’s definitely not worth getting upset or disappointed about.

But mostly, I wouldn’t trade what I do get from him for all the flowers ordered on Valentine’s Day this year.

That is the absolute truth.

He gives the best gifts for everything…Christmas, birthdays, and yes, Valentine’s day, as it is. But it’s not even the gifts. It’s the little ways that Zach shows that he loves me all the time. The little ways he makes me feel special.

Last year, when Zach worked a Tuesday-Saturday schedule, he would forgo sleeping in on Mondays in order to come into my classroom and help my students with math.

He surprises me with hot chocolate…at school or at home.

He stops at the store at the end of a long night to pick up milk because I ask him to.

He takes the car to be serviced, makes sure there’s air in the tires, and takes care of all the maintenance.

He saves our money and pays off the bills.

He cuddles me, holds my hand in the car, and always kisses me goodbye.

He scrapes my car windows in the mornings even when he’s already running late for work.

He will be late for work in order to take me to work when I have car trouble and he’s never inconvenienced. In fact, he tells me he would love to take me to work everyday if he could because it’s a few more minutes together.

I’ll take hot chocolate and a hand to hold.

I’ll take the security in someone willing to make sure I have a running car and money in the bank.

My husband is not lacking because he doesn’t send me flowers. Another woman’s husband is not lacking because he would rather come home to her right after work than pick up milk. You can’t compare the way a person shows love.

People are different. They show love differently. I know that I show my love differently than Zach.

When I explained this to him, he said, “But you can show everyone else that I got you flowers.”

Well, I can also tell the people who matter to me that I got to see Randy Travis (more on that later) in concert as a surprise Valentine’s Day gift…a day early. And the people who I can’t tell? Well, their opinion is irrelevant anyway. I’d rather listen to Randy than have flowers to show people my husband loves me. That’s just me.

I know lots of women want the flowers. I get it. I can definitely appreciate it. But I refuse to accept my husband’s apology for not playing along.

He didn’t do anything wrong.  He makes me incredibly happy and grateful for my life everyday, with or without a dozen roses.