I have been annoyed A LOT lately.. and there is this deal on one of our local news channels where you can call and give your rant. I seriously considered doing that just so I could voice it but,they play some of them on the TV and there is a guy on there in a high pitched screech saying “I HATE ALL THIS ROAD CONSTRUCTION” it is totally in a high whine. It seriously ticks me off every time I hear it.. so much so that I will turn the channel when I see the beginning of it coming on..

So rather than call Channel 6 with my rant. I am going to state it here today. I think there are people out there that need to KNOW they are pigs.

You are a pig if you get a drink in a public restaurant, convenience store, fast food establishment or work cafeteria and you spill half of it and walk off!!! Also along this same line is the person who slops water all over the sink, drops their hand towel on the floor and leaves it, takes the last food off the treat table and leaves the dirty plate!!!

You are a pig if you don’t tip your waitress because the food was not exactly as you asked or she made a mistake bringing your order..

You are a pig if you are going in a door and the person behind you is maybe 4 steps from it and you let the door slam shut behind you.  This is you EVEN if you wear an 1100 dollar suit and work in a corner office. BIG PIG..  Girl or Guy hold the damn door!!!!

You are a pig if you think throwing someone else under the bus will save YOUR job…

You are a pig if you leave your shopping cart in the parking lot and do not return it to the cart corral… YES this is a pig..

You are a pig if you can fill and eat 3 heaping bowls of Mongolian Barbeque and leave a trail and a mess all over the table..  I mean really????

You are a pig if you won’t let the person enter the street from a side road in huge traffic where the cars are lined for miles and that person will NEVER get in otherwise…

You are a pig if you cut in front of someone on the entrance to the onramp when there was 3 car lengths behind them that you could easily fit in..

You are a total pig if you do not wash your hands in the restroom!! People need to warn others of this person at company potlucks.. find their dish and label it!!!

I seriously am not one to sell manners. I talk too loud .. I swear.. and  I know I more often annoy others than not but I am not a pig!!!! 

If you do these things STOP if you think you do and are justified YOU ARE A REAL BIG PIG!!!

Do I think that this blog matters to anyone but me? Probably not. Will I stop griping about them ?  I will when they stop it or when