Mal is 2 today.

Mal on the last leg of his 3-foot bone that Santa brought him. The little problem solver! Originally it was too big and he couldn't even lift it off the floor. Eventually the rawhide became too enticing and he dragged it and worked his way through it. He finished every last bit of that bone!

While I don’t blog about him all that often {I don’t want to become one of those people. He is not our child, kid, or baby. Zach is not “daddy” and I am most definitely not “mommy.”} I wanted to today.

After all, it is his birthday, kind of. Actually, the owners never really knew his birthday, they just told us it was around President’s Day. Well, good. I have President’s Day off every year, so we choose to celebrate it every year at this time.

Because right now, he’s curled up next to me on the couch. He’s asleep, but he’s happy.

He loves to spend time with us. I love this dog, so much. The other day I sent Zach a simple text message that said, “Mal is a joy!”

He responded, “Why? What did he do?”

Me, “Nothing, he just is.”

He is so special and having a dog, for real, has added such a different element to my life. (My first dog experience was a traumatic one. My mom did a lot of things right and I tend to credit her for those, but the dog thing? Well, my parents handled the dog thing totally and completely wrong. TOTALLY. This is my first time really having a dog and getting to enjoy what that means).

He goes on walks without a leash. He listens to us. He never goes to the bathroom in the house. He’s the sweetest dog you’ll ever know. He truly has a gigantic heart.

He’s a tad needy and it’s annoying at times. Zach and I are not allowed to look at each other or kiss or hug or anything on the couch unless Mal is included. He butts his head in between the two of us and whines. Sometimes it’s funny and we laugh and tell him he’s ridiculous. Sometimes we tell him to go away and then he pouts and then I feel bad.

He loves kids, new people, walks, and rawhide bones…a lot. He loves Idaho Pizza’s Pizza, sleeping on my side of the bedroom (he’s not allowed on the bed, gotta have some boundaries), and going for rides in the car.

His excitement and zest for life along with his huge heart just make him such a joy. I’m glad we’ve had him for nearly two years…he’s opened and healed my heart in many different ways.

Do you have a pet? Tell me about it!