I can’t say birthday boy or birthday girl, because it’s both.

Quite a while ago, Zach and I had Ava and Gatlin over for the night and I’m just getting down to documenting it.

My aunt has two sets of twins. She had two boys (Gunnar and Grayson) and then a boy and girl (Gatlin and Ava).

The boys are best friends and total gentleman. They are special and I love them so much.

The babies (as we still call them although they are much older than real babies) are not nearly as good of friends. Their personalities are completely opposite on another. They are so special and I love them, too. I tend to have a closer relationship with Ava (She is seriously unique. I adore her. I never ever want her to grow up. She is incredible. She makes me want to be a better person.) Luckily, Zach and Gat get along really well and so it works out.

Zach and I started a thing with Cara’s kids. For their birthdays we give them a  night at our house (sleepover included) as a gift. I know, how completely narcissistic of us, huh? Oh well. We have a house, a dog, no kids, and I like to host. We have fun dinners and fancy breakfasts. We have a KNect that they don’t have at home. The kids love coming to our house and we need to make it a more regular thing.

Playing KNect Adventures

Gat and Ava had their turn at the beginning of February and it was so much fun.

They played games. We made pizza and ate it. We rented a movie and bought ice cream treats (in February, I know…kindred spirits I guess).

We blew up the air mattress and settled in for the night while watching movies.

In the morning we had delicious choc chip pancakes and turkey bacon. (Easiest pancake recipe ever–and it’s to die for–equal parts self-rising flour, egg, and water, that’s it…oh and I threw in chocolate chips for good measure).

We had a mini handwriting/letter writing lesson. Ava proved a much more diligent student. They’re lefties like me so I have to teach them the ways. I am happy to have the responsibility.

We ran to Target and got handwriting practice books and they were given some homework. They will finish the book and they will come sleep over again during Spring Break and we’ll play and practice some more.

Then I took them home and they didn’t bat an eye as they joined their brothers and started playing. I barely got a “bye” from either one of them.

Ava on the phone with mom and brothers. I died just listening in on the conversation.

Gat on the phone after Ava

Oh, well. I loved having them all to myself for a little while. Can’t wait to have them here in a few more weeks!