It’s sad but true. I’ve become a comfortable shoe convert. I never saw this coming.

When you graduate from college as an education major there are a lot of things you tell yourself you will never do and you do them anyway. It’s a sad reality. Wearing teacher shoes is honestly not something I thought I’d give into. Ever.


I am a heel wearer. Big time. I never owned a pair of flat dress shoes. I was the “teacher who always wears boots” at work. The kids noticed a difference the second I changed, ‘You’re not wearing boots today!?!”

I mean, me…in flat shoes at work…that was monumental.

What made me change?

I was going through boots like candy. They wouldn’t even last a year on the cement floors covered by about an inch of sandpaper-like carpets. My heels would wear down until the nail would break the surface. I would teeter around unbalanced. Once I wore my worn out boots to Target and literally slipped and fell on my hands and knees in the middle of the store, not once, but twice! Talk about embarrassing. Try walking that off all alone. Do you do the weird thing and make a joke loud enough for everyone around to hear? Do you smile? Or do you just get up and keep walking until you fall the second time? Well, I’ll let you guess what I chose.

Replacing boots became expensive. I had two pairs of boots…work boots and church/going out boots. I was sick and tired of feeling like I was throwing away money. Plus, I was getting headaches and I have an issue with my hips anyway, they hurt and pinch. So I was thought, maybe I should give my lower back a break and I’d see a difference.

Just about that time a Dansko missionary at my school lured me in. She’s a student teacher in our building. She is gorgeous, she dresses very well, and she wears Danskos. I started asking her all kinds of questions about them, she probably thought I was a little odd. Who really needs to know that much about shoes?

Do they last a long time? Are they really worth the money? How do you feel at the end of the day?

{Sidenote: These shoes are also spendy and I had guilt about buying them. I found them for 20 dollars less on Amazon and told Zach about it. Zach came home from work about a week later with a fifty dollar gift card to Amazon for me to use to buy my shoes. How did he get it? It was part of his one-year bonus, he got to choose a place to get a gift certificate. He chose Amazon so his wife could buy very unsexy shoes. I love him!}

What do I think?

Heaven. Heaven heaven heaven. These shoes are incredible. They defy all logic. I love them with every bit of my heart. I know I blogged about a headache last week, but my tension headaches have decreased significantly since switching to these shoes.

I used to seriously postpone trips in the building until I could complete numerous tasks in one walk down the halls. I told myself it was efficiency, but really it was tired/sore feet. Feet that didn’t want to walk to the office unless I had another reason to venture out of my classroom. Now I run errands with ease.

Now, at the end of the day, if I have to run to the grocery store after work, I don’t hesitate. My feet will not be killing me. They won’t feel a thing if I make them walk clear across the parking lot and back. They don’t mind. They are on a cloud.

I am not being paid to say these things, wouldn’t that be nice? I am simply telling you the truth.

They are not as unattractive as Crocs are, they have something of a heel on them. Not really, but it’s okay.

Funny story. A few weeks ago I was at my friend Jonnie’s house. He lives with his fiance and she is absolutely gorgeous and dresses very well. I was in his garage when I noticed her shoes outside the door. I go, ‘Jessica wears Danskos?” He replied, “Yes, those are the most hideous shoes ever!” I laughed because it was Jonnie and it’s so true. But it made me happy that she, too, wears comfortable shoes to work.

And only to work do I wear them. I have been known to take them for a spin grocery shopping or to my mom’s house for The Bachelor or Sunday dinner, but not to church…NEVER to church. And not to go out. I proudly sport my heels at church each Sunday and tonight I’m heading to the movies with my husband in my boots.

Come Monday, though, my feet will hit my classroom well cared for in a comfortable shoe.