Last Saturday I had to laugh when I walked into our bedroom and saw this:

The story:

Zach’s side of the bed is a very messy area. VERY messy. I don’t complain too much because he makes the bed every morning, puts his dishes in the sink, and helps out a lot around the house. Usually I just have to tell him his room looks like someone he’s related to (whom shall remain nameless) and he’ll at least tidy the area up.

Last Saturday I was on a major cleaning spree and he decided to really delve into his side of the bed and clear stuff out, throw things away, dust, and put things where they belong.

I don’t clean well with someone in the house. I like the house to myself. I turn on Pandora and listen to my country music blaring throughout the house. Zach knows this and normally I’m able to make it work. I either clean on a night when he’s in class or I wait until he has something to do on Saturday and then I go at it.

This Saturday we were home cleaning together. So I asked if I could turn my music on. He said, “Of course.” Because I’m married to the easiest going man alive.

I’m in the kitchen moving the chairs into the living room and mopping and sweeping with my music just blaring out of our bedroom  (the computer is in our room).

I came into our room to sweep and mop the master bathroom and I looked over. Zach’s clearing out his side of the room with headphones in.

I laughed and then my heart smiled. He just put his headphones in and listened to his music while I went about my business like nobody else was home.