First of all, if you’re reading this…I’m looking at hitting 10,000 total page views since starting this blog. Wow! That’s quite an accomplishment. You just might be 10,000.

Anyway, it’s been over two weeks since Valentine’s Day and I haven’t blogged about our celebration since then. It’s not that I have a lot to document, it’s more that I struggle with getting into our day to day things. I told myself I’d document more of my real life, so I am trying…even if it is late.


I got my Valentine’s Day gift one day early. I was at work on Monday and Zach texted me and told me to cancel all plans that evening. This struck me as strange as I knew he had a ton of homework to do that night. After I thought about it for a minute, I had an idea about what was going on.

{Background: Randy Travis was coming on the 13th. If you haven’t been reading my blog for long you probably don’t know that he is my very very favorite. I wanted to go, but we have literally spent over $1500 in car repairs over the past six weeks so I decided I wouldn’t. But every time they advertised it on the radio, my heart cinched a little. I hated to miss it. }

So I kind of thought I was going to Randy Travis. At that point I was guilt-ridden (when you see Zach’s gift you’ll understand).

Later, Zach texted me to meet him at my mom’s that night. He did the same thing to my mom. I showed up at mom’s and Zach showed up. He wouldn’t give me my gift until my mom showed up. When she did, I opened my card and found two tickets to Randy Travis inside. Mom and I took off and went to the concert while Zach went home and did homework (I know).

I was still feeling guilty. There are days where I feel like I’m a good spouse to Zach and there are other days when I feel like I am not nearly as good to him as he is to me. That night was one of them.  So I sat there feeling kind of sad. And then Randy came on the stage and started off singing The Hole.

I was instantly in heaven. It was a low key concert. People sitting, not many singing along, but it was fine with me. I could honestly probably listen to Randy Travis tell racist, anti-mormon, or drinking jokes and not even be phased. His voice is so amazing. I just love to hear him. That voice. It’s so deep. It is simply to die for.

I got to hear my favorite song. I think that even the strange combination of redneck/hippie guy next to me even started to cry during that song. Pretty sure he wiped a tear away. I could have just been making things up, though, I tend to do that when I am around lots of strangers.

Anyway, it was an amazing night and I’ve never loved my  husband more. What’s better than something you really wanted but didn’t expect? It was the best surprise. It was perfect that I got to spend that time with my mom, too. I would love for Zach to see Randy in concert sometime, just because I think everyone should. If I ever do, though, it will have to be a threesome, because I can’t go to Randy without mom. Zach was smart to know that.

The next day was Valentine’s Day. I had a few little things planned and packed in Zach’s lunch. He told me not to make dinner that night. He had class so he was home late. He came home with a heart-shaped pizza from Idaho Pizza company. I didn’t get a picture because I was extremely quick to scarf my half down.

I had his presents sitting out for him when he got home, though they paled in comparison.

He got a face trimmer (we do practical gifts a lot around here). He needed one and I got him a nice one. He likes it a lot. I also purchased this book: 1,000 places in the U.S. and Canada Before You Die. Zach likes to travel. He wants to see the world and we often daydream about things we want to do/see together. They have a world version of this book but our current budget says we should stick with the U.S. version for now. Also, I wanted to go through and make marks with the dates to the few places we’ve already been. I sprinkled a few Hershey kisses around because that’s “our candy”–more on that in an upcoming post.

I planned to have a special celebration for Zach on Friday. It was a professional development day at school so I was able to leave work at 3–nothing else to do–which was perfect.

I made Zach a Cafe Rio burrito and myself a salad…I had planned this for dessert, but we were so full we saved the dessert for another night…(good thing because it didn’t turn out).

I had a few games planned for us to play. I set the table with candles (of course, no pictures…making the dinner and getting ready while getting the house ready was actually a lot to cram into 2 1/2 hours before he got home). I am thinking of recreating this and submitting it to another blog, but I’m a little nervous to do so. I’ll keep it short and conceise on here: we had the best Valentine’s Day celebration ever!

I had been so excited about it all week and I wasn’t sure why. I told a coworker of mine about my plan for dinner and such…she asked, “Does he like that stuff?” I got to thinking about it and I started thinking. “I do. He doesn’t mind it, but I don’t know if he cares if I do this fancy dinner date stuff.” So I started wondering who it really was for.

It doesn’t matter, though, because it was a wonderful evening. One of the best in fact.

I know it’s late, but I hope everyone else had a wonderful day-o-love!