Apparently today is the Oreo’s 100th birthday.

In honor of such an occassion (and just to pain myself with Google images of Oreos while I’ve sworn off sweets this month) I’m basing this week’s “Answer This” on the Oreo.

How do you like your Oreo’s?

Dunked? Dry? Soggy? Taken apart and eaten piece by piece? Do you have a carefully plotted out method like some people I know? (ahem, Richard!)
What’s your Oreo style?


I will pretty much eat an Oreo in any condition. Those things are goooood!

My most preferred method of eating them, though, is whole, and briefly dunked. I don’t prefer to take them apart and scrape out the insides. I’m a texture person so the goodness comes from the creamy filling and it’s contrast to the crunchy cookie. Again, due to texture, a super soggy cookie makes me want to gag. Although, if it’s an Oreo I’ll probably still eat it anyway. I won’t lie.

My second favorite way to eat an Oreo is crushed up in ice cream or in a shake…mmmmm…an Oreo McFlurry sounds amazing right about now.

What about you? How do you eat an Oreo?