First off I would like to state that I DO NOT Believe everything I see, but sometimes things just seem like such an EXCELLENT Idea that I truly think I have to try it and see.  I am aware that after you read this blog you are going to decide that I am one of the most gullible people you have ever seen, but…. I would like to add that some of this stuff is pretty dang good… You may want to try it yourself…

One of my very first AS Seen on TV purchases was Mighty Putty… soooo this stuff would not hold the Bay Bridge together as it suggested, but it did fix the vase that Carma bought me from RC Willey that my cats knocked off the mantle.. Mighty Putty and some brown shoe polish from my dad.It didn’t hold the vinyl side covering for the door on my 89 Buick on very well, but it did hold a decorative plate together. So I would give it a 50.

Cara and Levi bought the Flat Hose which she promptly states was like wrangling a snake and not at all like the picture.

My kids gave me a version of the curly hose that was on TV and I actually liked it as long as I didn’t happen to get in the middle of it and then it was like finding Waldo to wind my way out of it.

I later promptly purchased the Pet Cleaner… it has a different name but I won’t state it out loud for fear my cats will hear me and think it is a command to do so… anyway I guess this works I didn’t use the black light it is still under the sink .. Because AS SEEN ON TV doesn’t offer a tranquilizer to the person who shines that thing and finds things that may very well set them up for institutionalization!

Todd thought I should have the Yoshi Knife because the Japanese guy on there can cut a steel car in half with that… Well apparently we should reinforce our buildings with Albertsons Steak instead because I broke the damn thing in two uses…this would recieve a -5

Cara asked for the Car wash type thingy for her feet and she loves it. She could actually do a commercial for this product.

She also fell for the Snuggie thing and her kids have those… Shar does too… In spite of the fact that one morning  Cara was watching as the commercial came  on and she reworded the song to Say “Looks like I’m in Cult in my Snuggie”.  I agree and I also think you could just put your bathrobe on backwards and get the same effect…  You decide…


Todd saw the Sham Wow commercial and he bought them. I think he took them out of the package and am not sure he used them at all because there was a whole stack of them on his side of the room. I decided to use them when I defrosted my freezer in the garage… These things WORK! I truly love them…they hold a ton of water without dripping it all over the place. I have used them sooo much since that first try. And he used them when he installed a new toilet in the bathroom… because he told me to get a towel and I got those… They are EXCELLENT. 100 %

The Cats love the Pet Groomer thing… and it works really well too.

I gave Shar and Zach a Slider Pan but have not gotten a review on it.

This takes me to my last usage and review. The Go Sticky lint roller thing… I saw this at the Christmas Show with Shar as well as on TV and I watched the demo and my eyes glazed over like a kid in Toys R US… I would have bought it right then but my sensible self  told me I wasn’t shopping for me.  So apparently Shar decided I needed to have it for my Christmas… And I love this thing!! I use it on my furniture and my bedding and under the bed and my clothes and jeez I would mop the floor with it if I could. They work!! it grabs the crap then you rinse it off and you reuse it again and AGAIN And AGAIN… it is just wonderful.125 %

We have in the course of time uncovered several lies on the shopping side of TV… I am ashamed to state that I have fallen prey to some of the diet products on the channel. Obviously  these do not work… Todd and I had a fiasco with the Contour Abs he was curious about.

The website didn’t show a price. So I put them in the cart and  then I was going to edit my cart and see the price…but nooo apparently  on their site you put them in the cart and the bag boy has them in your TRUNK… with your VISA in his pocket and a plan to charge you monthly for three months.. Then the number you call is not the company and by the time you figure out where to go the first payment has slapped on your statement and the product is at the door… Your husband thinks this may be the thing and he keeps it… which these by the way work almost as well as the Diet Pills.  He is not fat though so not a big sadness to him… we did however lose several pounds from our wallet.

Another is the Fushigi Ball.. Todd loves magicians and magic tricks and apparently this ball is meant to look like you are holding it in the air with some 3D- type image to it. I believe that for this to happen you would need to be high.. The ball looks like you are holding it up in front of you to me.. No fancy magic to that except for that fact that the 19.95 you paid for the thing so magically disappeared.

Last but not least this is the one that stands out as the worst and the best at the same time…  NADS do you remember it?

The wax type stuff that the lovely Australian guy shows would pull off hair in one quick swoop with no pain and it makes you look like the lovely Brazilian model in the end… So my brother Will was all into his working out and training  and decided he wanted to clear the hair off his back- so he bought the supply headed over to my sister’s house with the stuff armed with Nads and eternal hope. She said she opened the jar up and slapped it on  and when she yanked it up it made a dragging sound and my brother screamed like a girl… so then she had what she said appeared to be a dead rodent in her hand  and Will looked like a leper… She told him they had to finish it or it was going to be a mess. My brother then spouted several words you don’t want your children or mom to hear and Cara shoved a sock in his mouth and tore the rest of his skin off his back… He had a horrible rash when he was done, but was completely hair free for a while!

Do you get hosed when you believe what you see on TV? Why of Course… Do you still keep trying…? Why of Course… Pardon me I have to go run my Go Sticky over my couch and maybe my shirt and then maybe my cedar chest and rinse it and then I better go to work before i decide to stay home and clean the whole house with it !!.