Did you hear that in Chris Harrison’s voice? That was my intention. Mostly just to make my mom feel irritated as she hates him and I think I’m one of the only people that doesn’t mind Chris.

I know I haven’t blogged on this season of The Bachelor. Part of it was just that I didn’t really care–definitely not enough to put the energy into it. Plus, all the other blogs I read covered the basics pretty well…so I tried to direct you to my favorite blog covering the show.

But I really do want your insight:{Source}

What will happen tonight?

A). He will pick Lindzi (does anyone see that as a possibility?)

B). He will pick Courtney and they will live happily ever after

C). He picked Courtney and they already are not together due to her behavior on the show

D). Some major turn of events will prevent Ben from ending the show with either girl.

For me, it’s a coin toss between C and D, but I’m leaningslightly more towards D. What do you think?

Come on, weigh in!!!