What’s on your gym play list?


Just because it made me laugh. And because when I pinned it, my friend Sarah commented on it and said that when she saw this she thought of me. I guess we know where I stand.

Back to the playlist,

I have a very random assortment of music on my playlist. A few of my favorite songs are:

King of the Dancehall–Beenie Man (moderately inappropriate–just a warning)

Tik Tok- Kesha

Shake it Out–Florence and the Machine

Check Up On It–Beyonce

Raise Your Glass-Pink

Country Girl Shake It For Me–Luke Bryan

So what about you? What’s on your gym playlist?


**Oh and just a quick note on The Bachelor last night. Ben won me over with his tears during the “After the Rose.” Believe it or not, I’m rooting for them. I know. I know. What did you think?