There is one lone and empty chair

My dad sat there.

There is one in his living room

It is one we’ll have to move.

To somewhere else now that he’s gone

 As We close his place and then move on.

I am not quite sure about myself and how

Life will be without him there now.

The chair was where he sat when we all came

To dinner, to help or be helped all the same.

It represents my dad’s place in his home

And how all fathers deserve a slight throne.

Then there is the empty chair in my home

For dinners after my mom was gone.

Countless and countless Sundays with him there

Alone at the end of the table in “Grandpa’s” chair.

And the chair at the side of me in my truck

When I took him to doctors and prayed for more luck

More luck to try to make him well

More luck for me to be kinder still.

I know that we will all come to move on

We’ll come to accept that he has gone on.

But today and tomorrow and maybe for years

These empty places will fill with my tears.

For I counted on dad to be next to me

While I learned to be better than I could be.

I wanted to love him just a few years more.

And see him sitting there from the door.

Please don’t ask me to move on right yet.

As I don’t really want to forget.

The man who loved me my whole life

And really tried to make things right.

So today I will have to cry and  just stare

For my heart feels as empty as my dad’s chair.