*If it wasn’t obvious enough, writing on this hasn’t been a priority for me. My outlook on life changed a little and I wanted to slow down a bit. I have done my regular blog reading but not with the same zest. I haven’t logged into Pinterest in a week and a half. It’s honestly quite liberating. However, I miss my blogging friends and I so appreciated the support from those of you I don’t know very well if at all. THANK YOU! I am still quite sad and not quite sure how to start writing again about the day-to-day happy things…as that’s normally how I feel: happy. So while I am sad, I decided to let me ‘drafts’ folder come to my aid. I have about 15 posts stuck in there and I just might end up going through them all…or maybe not. We shall see. Anyway, I thought this one was quite fitting for my first post “back.” *


While doing all of my cleaning and organizing over the holidays  I came across a bucket list I started long before I met Zach. It was meant to have 100 things on it, but I didn’t quite make it that far. I’ll show you what I have and what my accomplishments have been.

Sharlee’s 100 (and counting) Life Goals:

1. Graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree

2. Go to graduate school

3. Publish something (I love that I wrote this down. I would have honestly forgotten I wanted to do that…I’ll have to remember it for real this time)

4. Get married

5. Have a family

6. Buy a home

7. Pick up a hitch hiker

8. Maintain the jean size I currently wear or one size smaller (not quite comfortable putting that out here, though someday I just might be). So far so good anyway…nine years and counting…

9. Buy a car with cash

10. Learn to speak Spanish-Why haven’t I done this yet?!? 

12. TESTIMONY-A constant work in progress

13. Visit New York

14. Shop in New York

15. See a Broadway show

16. Visit another country

17. Visit another country to do humanitarian work

18. Feel sexy-A continual work in progress

19. Make a continual reading list

20. Read off of above mentioned list

21. Start own business/some sort of program

22. Seek new opportunities

23. Give/use my talent

24. Discover my talent

25. Spend time working/volunteering in an orphanage

26. Spend time working/volunteering with at-risk youth

27. Buy lingerie just for myself

28. Buy a new wardrobe

29. Publicly take a stand for what I believe in regards to education

30. Go to a movie alone

31. Go to a spa for the full treatment

32. Take a vacation alone

33. Fall in love again


34. Try to patent something–I have like a millllllllion creative ideas for things and I just need to get off my butt and do something about one or two or 100 of them.

34. Take pictures of everything

35. Have nude pictures taken- Not for a magazine or anything dirty. Not even for my husband. For me. This desire first started when I was obsessed with the show on Lifetime How to Look Good Naked and then after I read Thin is the New Happy she does this as part of overcoming her body image issue. More on that book and everything later.

36. Skydive


That was the end of the list I never quite made it to 100. Here are a few things I’d like to add before I finish this post:

37. Visit Vermont in the fall

38. Go to Savannah Georgia

39. See the Redwood Forest

40. See the Smokey Mountains

41. Go on a mission with Zach

42. Learn to like something I don’t currently have an interest in (gardening, sewing, canning, etc…)

43. Become a “real” blogger

44. Eat healthier/cleaner/greener

45. Own a vacation home

46. Laugh every day

47.Start a new hobby (I want to make jewelry, I just have to staaaaart!

48.Do more things with family

49.Work from home

50. Line dry my laundry

Do you have any suggestions? What should I add? I am going to start looking at this more regularly and get started on this list. In fact…I will be marking one of these things off this week…anyone want to guess what it is?What about you? Do you have a bucket list?