What are you doing with your spring break?

Did you already have it? Are you presently enjoying it? Is it in the near future?

Either way…how did you spend it?

I was so grateful to just have the time off. Going back to work after my Grandpa’s funeral proved harder than I had imagined. I cried every morning in the shower. I wanted more quiet time. I wanted more time to be sad before acting like things were normal.

Thursday Night I went trendy all the way.

Please excuse the look. I had taken a short nap before the midnight showing. I woke up and literally left the house with Zach. I still wanted to snap a picture, I've never seen a midnight opening before. I was so trendy and I needed to document it.

Zach and I enjoyed the midnight opening of The Hunger Games.

I did enjoy the movie but I don’t want to get into that on here.  The millions of teenage kids sleeping sprawled all over the theatre, well that was the real experience. Zach and I smiled when we left the theatre and there were cars lined up outside: moms picking up their kids.

Friday and Saturday were spent with me literally in bed/on the couch sick sick sick. That’s what happens when you have time off. ALWAYS. It’s okay. I got plenty of much-needed rest. I was bored out of my mind, though.

Sunday was a little gloomy for me. It was our first Sunday dinner at Mom’s without Grandpa and that just didn’t feel good to me.

Monday marked some time with Misty and Grace for lunch and a good chat.Misty and I talked about a wild assortment of things and I just fell in love with how big Grace is getting and all the cute things she does! My goodness!

Tuesday was temple day. Oh my goodness. I had been missing the temple terribly before my grandpa passed. I asked my good friend Jen if she wanted to take Tuesday off and travel to Twin Falls with me for a temple trip. I picked her up at 8:30 yesterday morning and we went to the temple. I love spending time with Jen. She has a really strong testimony and is always so insightful. I also love Jen because she’s a friend from my single days (remember, I met Zach at her house) and she’s still single but I don’t have the scarlet “S” with her. (The scarlet “S’ is a term I make up for how it feels to be a married Mormon girl with single friends. I feel that I’m okay to say it because I was single for a good portion of time. When someone’s married…they don’t quite fit into the group anymore. Why not? Because they’re having sex. True story. Nobody actually acknowledges it out loud, but it’s like a real truth. Now when I walk into a party at Jen’s house I get that look when someone says, “You’re married.” The most embarrassing moment I ever had was leaving Jen’s house after her birthday party last summer when someone said, ‘Have fun with your husband tonight!” They were talking about plans that I had told them about but not everyone in the room heard that conversation. I felt so….exposed. I turned red and said, “I will.” And hurried out of there.) Anyway, Jen doesn’t treat me that way. So I can actually talk to her about anything/everything. Married stuff/non-married stuff. I’m still her friend. No awkwardness. We had good conversation on the way to the temple.I, of course, enjoyed my time there. I honestly am so grateful that even though our local temple is currently closed, that we have one that’s only 2 hours away. I don’t know what I’d do without it. We stopped at Cafe Rio for lunch and headed home. I dropped Jen off and headed home at 5:15. I’d say that was a pretty full day.

I didn’t take any pictures of us at the temple. I left my batteries at home. I don’t have many pictures of Jen and me. Here is a picture of Jen along with a group of guys we hung out with “back in the day.”–Just for reference. And because I love this picture because it’s a great memory.

Today marks “cleaning day.” Truth be told, I originally planned to do a LOT more deep cleaning and organizing. But I’m not. I’m cleaning a good bit. I’m doing a few extra things but nothing extraordinary. Last year I tackled cleaning all my blinds over spring break. Not this year. The deep cleaning stuff will be saved for the week after school gets out. I’m just going to declutter and tear through a few things. I’m even going to have a garage sale. So it can all wait a little longer.

Tomorrow will be a little more tidying up and lunch with another friend. Friday night Zach and I head out for a little overnight trip. We’ll be back Saturday night. We’re actually going to try to get back by Saturday afternoon as it’s conference weekend and we are so excited (more on that later). Sunday will be conference with my parents. We’re providing breakfast and mom will provide lunch/dinner.

And that’s the major breakdown of my break. Nothing too great but it seems exactly what I need right now. I’m really excited about heading out of town just overnight. I was also super stoked to cross off a bucket list item (not telling which one yet) but I had to reschedule…hmmmmm. So more on that as soon as I can.

What about you? How are you spending your time?