Us Mormons are encouraged to be a “record keeping people.” We’re supposed to journal and keep things for future generations…among other things. I am not so good at this journaling thing. Not at all actually. If you were to pick up my journal right now I know for a fact that I started my most recent journal in 2005–and I haven’t finished writing in it yet. And what will you read about in my dear journal? Boys. The first love boy of mine…you’ll read about him A LOT! Then you’ll read about my broken heart…A LOT! Then you’ll read about any boy that might have been ‘the one’ because I wanted to document it “just in case.” Oh, Sharlee. And lastly, you’ll read a little about Zach.

Newly engaged and VERY tanned...maybe that's not even the right word. Another great memory. We spent the day at Lucky Peak playing in the water with our singles ward and we were on our way to Austin and Natasha's for games.

There’s not a lot to my journal. I just realized the other day that I never even wrote down the details of my wedding day.

Day after our wedding...a day I would relive over and over again if given the chance. Lunch at Donnie Mac's with Zach's family--we still talk about this day pretty frequently. I'm so glad I at least have one picture of it.

After my grandpa passed, I worked on putting together a slide show with pictures telling the story of his life. As I searched on my computer for pictures with grandpa, I realized I don’t take enough pictures. There aren’t enough pictures oflife really. There are random assortments of pictures for blog posts and pictures of Zach and I but rarely do my pictures tell a story. That needs to change.

Our first camping trip. Lots to remember--feeling like I was going to die on the drive into our campsite. Mal trying to swim for the first time. Sleeping out in the back of the truck. Hot springs. S'Mores. Bliss!

I also realized what a treasure the pictures I do have are. I even came across some video I took a few years back. It was a video of my Uncle Will playing with Gatlin when he was a baby. It was at my grandparents house during some sort of get together. Though the camera is focused on Gatlin and Will the entire time, I love it. I can hear all the voices in the background. I can even hear my grandma’s voice. When I heard that, my eyes filled with tears. I made Zach listen to it–as that’s a part of my life he’ll never really know–at least not inthis life. What a hidden gem.

When I had lunch at Misty’s the other day we were going through pictures from high school and our first apartment. (Our ten-year reunion is in August and we were looking at pictures for submission). It was so fun to look over pictures. At the same time, something really struck me.

I  came across a picture of our dear friend, Lindsey, singing karaoke at our class graduation party the night of graduation. Looking at the picture, I knew exactly what was happening, but until that minute, I had honestly forgotten about that. If you had told me ten years ago that I would someday forget about Lindsey singing karaoke on graduation night, I would not have believed you. How could I forget one of the most beautiful moments of my life? A moment that was full of excitement, anticipation, hysteria in many forms, and absolute confusion all rolled into one beautiful ball. So much beauty and hilarity were packed into that moment that at the time I thought I would literally burst. I was in physical pain. And yet, I managed to forget it.

Misty and me: April Fool's Day (I want to say 2004). We took our senior pictures off of our walls at our homes and switched them. Misty's 8X10 senior picture was at my parents' house and my picture was on her mom's wall. We thought we were so funny. We also thought it would be funny to dress mildly inappropriately, stop at Albertsons, get gas, and go to Shari's.


What will happen to my more recent memories. After I’ve had children and Zach and I have been married a few more years will I forget how it felt to kneel across the altar from him on our wedding day? Will I forget the day-to-day life we lived when it was just the two of us? Will I completely forget all of my beautiful high school and college memories?

Just stretching before the Race for the Cure. This was our first year...we made t-shirts that said "Breast Buddies" and then we put our bra sizes on the back of our shirts like a race number. Oh, and we walked. There's really no reason for my stretch.

The thought of forgetting any more makes my heart ache.

My toast at Misty's wedding. This was the end when I started to talk in "Sam" voice. The only reason I share is because apparently someone from Ken's work turned to someone else at his table and said, "What is she doing?!" That makes me laugh to remember to this day.

I’m going to do a better job at recording things. I may record a little thing here and there on this blog, but I think I need to do a little more than that.

I didn’t continue my 2012 Daily Challenge Posts but this is one of them. Here are a few ideas I’ve seen to help with record keeping:

*A picture a day. I love this concept and I think I will start it next year. You take one picture a day of your choice. When you put it on your computer that night, name it with the date. Then start a word document and write one sentence about the picture you took that day. I’ve seen people turn these into photo books—and I think that’s a neat journal idea. It captures the little day-to-day things that normally wouldn’t get recorded. It also helps to get more accustomed to using your camera.

*A sentence a day. If you are short on time or you just don’t like to write. Start a word document and write a sentence a day. You could always write more but this way the task isn’t so daunting.

*Journal Prompts and Questions…here’s a link to a great site that has the questions laid out for you.

I show this picture a lot because it's the last picture I have of me with both of my grandparents. It was taken three months before my grandma passed away. I remember this picture was taken at my 23rd birthday party. I also remember that my grandma was really funny because I kept making them take the picture over and over again because I didn't like how I looked. The sad thing is, I can't exactly remember what she said that made me laugh so hard. Sure is a good thing I got it right, though, huh? I use this picture SO much.

Is journaling (or record keeping of some sort) a strength or weakness for you? Do you see a journal as valuable? Do you have any journaling tips of your own?