I’ll be honest. March wasn’t a very experimental month. I stuck with the basics for the first half of the month and then we did a lot of eating easy things…quesidillas and sandwiches. I did try out a chicken noodle soup recipe. I think I just complied my ingredients from several different online recipes. It turned out quite wonderful. I plan to make it again soon. I got so excited every chance I had to heat some of that up. I love homemade soups.

I did try two new recipes…one a dinner recipe and one a snack. I thought I would share.

Low-Carb Chicken Enchilada Bake–I made this on a Sunday night to prepare for Zach’s dinner when he has class during the week. I had already boiled and shredded a bunch of chicken so I simply thawed it and put the rest of the ingredients together. It was quick and simple and yet it makes a delicious/filling meal. It also made quite a bit of food for the two of us.

Peanut Butter Balls-I made these just tonight. If you didn’t know, I gave up sugar for the month of March. I made it with one tiny exception when we were out-of-town for the weekend. I just had one little snack and I didn’t even finish it. I am proud of myself. I’ve also learned that I feel much better about myself and much better in general if I don’t eat sweets. I love sweets. LOVE them. But I’ve learned a lot about healthy eating in the past year and I think that drastically decreasing their consumption will only do good things for me.

Today I enjoyed some chocolate-chip pancakes for conference breakfast. But I am going no sweets for at least another month, maybe two more. After I’ve finished doing that, I think I’m going to choose a limit for myself of how often I can have sweets. Not just any time the mood strikes. Not just because the teacher’s lounge is filled with food-blog-worthy treats. But once or twice a month and that will be it. I have a good feeling about this choice and I know that it is one that I can stick with.

In the meantime, I hate Sunday nights. They always leave me feeling a little blue. So I wanted a treat. I made these peanut butter balls. After refrigerating them, they taste very close to peanut butter cookie dough. No added sugar–the sweetener is honey and I felt pretty good about that before stepping away from the treats again this month. They are good and they are EASY to make. You should try them.

Have you tried any new recipes this month?