Clearly this is not a wildly popular topic, but I promised a final tip and I’m making good on that promise. Tomorrow, I have an Answer This post that I willneed you to check in for. {Pretty please!}

What’s my final tip?

Dress for the test!

Me with the aide I have in my classroom (who has become a very dear friend of mine in a very short time). She's awesome. She NEVER wears dresses and she dressed for the test today, too. For our kids! I'm lucky to have her! Pardon my tired looking face. This no sugar thing has left me with a LOT more energy (more on that later) my midnight bedtime has been pushed back an hour and a half later all week..I'm just not tired.

Anyway, it’s nothing major, but I dress up on test days. I normally dress fairly professional I think. But on days that I have certain meetings, conferences, or ISATs, I make sure to put my best foot forward. I curl my hair, I accessorize, I put together an outfit that makes me look and feel my best.

I really think that even just seeing their teacher in her ‘Sunday best’ helps the students focus even a little bit more. If not, I think it does and the mind is a powerful tool–so I use it!

I also tell my students to dress their best. Wear clean clothes, comb your hair, maybe put a bow in, wear your favorite shirt, etc.

I swear, it makes for a good day when everyone feels like they’re on their “A” game…and we were today! One down, three more to go!