My favorite morning radio show deals with OPP (Other People’s Problems) every Tuesday. Being the nosy nosy that I am, I will admit, it’s my favorite day on the show. I love hearing other people’s problems and having other people call in and try to solve it.

I’m thinking it would be a super fun blog regular. People would email me a problem and I would post it (anonymously of course) and then the blog readers would give their two cents (we might end up with 8 cents total or something:). What are your thoughts?

Well, I’m going to see what you think so I’m going to start this with my very own problem and I need you to tell me what to do.

I just felt the need to include a picture of me not being angry. I am definitely not angry in this picture. I was saying, "Zach, I'm taking a picture of myself because it's the first day I'm wearing sunglasses this year and that's exciting!" Then I proceeded to laugh at myself.

Here goes:

(I’m baring it all on here and it was supposed to be a surprise. Mostly just for Zach and he doesn’t read this thing anyway:) I’m trying to not think about the fact that one of my regular readers is a man that I used to babysit for or the guy my mom works with (love them both–but still)).

***Backtracking, if you’ll remember I wanted to take sexy photos as a part of my bucket list. This was way before Zach and had to do more with me learning to love/be comfortable in my own body.

Several months ago a deal came up through Living Social for a boudoir photo shoot. Having looked into those things many times, I knew it was a steal and I jumped on the deal right away. I didn’t tell Zach because even though this is more for me than him, I thought the photos would be fun to surprise him with.

{I had every intention of telling you guys after the fact and maybe even sharing an appropriate photo}

I was so excited. As I tried to schedule the photo shoot, I had one heck of a time. I couldn’t get the owner to return my calls or emails. I was calling to schedule and later I called to find out about additional packages {my package only came with one free print) and what I needed to come to the shoot with (I wanted plenty of time to prepare). Finally she did and we scheduled a time and her assistant finally got in touch with me for the rest. I was honestly already annoyed before the month of March even hit.

I decided I wanted a few more weeks to prep {i.e. tan and get a haircut, maybe hit the gym} and look nice so I cancelled and rescheduled for over spring break.

Over spring break I tanned and ate right, trying to feel my very best. I picked out what I thought I’d wear. I purchased hair/makeup from the photographer so I knew I was going to look good and I was so excited.

You guys, I was so excited. It was like Christmas or something. I was feeling really good about myself and I was just stoked. Then the photographer cancelled due to an accident. I understand those, I’m okay with them. So I told her I’d reschedule, but I was totally bummed. I even told Misty that I felt like she should maybe just offer another photo or something because I had spent money preparing for the shoot

I immediately emailed the photographer with a date one week away when I had time away from work (as I’d prefer to do something that huge when I had time to rest and relax instead of a day after work) and then I told her that if I couldn’t schedule the following Friday I would only have Saturdays available.

Well, that Friday came and went without hearing a thing. So I emailed her again and I gave her a couple of Saturday dates that worked for me.

She emailed and asked if I could do a Sunday.

I emailed and said, “No.”

She emailed back and said, “I can do a Saturday if no other days work for you if you commit to purchasing a package beyond your free print.”

And here’s where she’s going to wait for my response because now I’m pissed!

First of all: She’s terrible at getting in touch and returning calls and email this entire time! Now I realize it’s probably because she didn’t see me as a paying customer even though I am. I paid something. It’s her choice to place a deal on Living Social and I took advantage of that. Now I’m being punished for it. Second of all, she cancelledon me, didn’t call me back, and now is telling me that in order to schedule it on a Saturday—when I told her I had a Friday open and she didn’t jump on it–I have to pay more. Originally I was more than willing to pay more–something I would have thought she could have concluded after the many emails I sent regarding the cost of extra packages. Now, I’m unsure.

I’m angry. Like really really mad.

So, what do I do?

Do I tell her I’m mad and ask for my money back? (Because what if she can’t refund it and then I have to still have a photo shoot in my underwear with her. That won’t be incredibly awkward or anything) Plus, these things can get kind of spendy and this was a good deal. But I honestly probably would have ended up spending a comparable amount after all was said an done anything–if, of course, I liked the photos. Which I’m sure I would have–by her website, she’s very talented.

Do I just let it go? Probably.

Do I let it go for now and tell her how I feel later?

Do I agree to pay for the extra package and schedule a Saturday or do I schedule a different day of the week (either way she wins–notice my super competitive nature? You’re all getting a glimpse into the heart of Sharlee right now).

What would you do? What do you think I should do? Help me…

**Oh and what do you think about an OPP feature on here?

*Sorry about the negativity, normally I don’t really prefer to so much go that route but boy was I annoyed–so thanks for listening either way.