I got Chinese Food earlier this week because Todd was working out of town and I didn’t want to make dinner and also because I would eat Chinese food EVERY day of my life if it were ok to do so..

Here is a run down of my past few weeks. My sister and I have been cleaning out our parent’s house. 78 Years worth of stuff. This took endless trips and a TON of work and now thanks to this escapade she and I and My brothers and our kids have STUFF from their house piled now in our houses.. Piles everywhere, overwhelming..

So on Wednesday after the people who are buying the place from us signed the agreement I went home both relieved beyond belief and also sad. So I  got my dinner and took it home..  When I finished  I opened my cookie and this is what it said



I actually laughed a little and then I cried a little and then I decided that along with possibly playing the numbers on the bottom in the lottery the next time- I do believe it is a good time to start something new.  This was too perfect to be a coincidence!

I actually have a couple of old things that I would like to restart as well.  I will let you all know at a later date what some of them are-as I have a problem with stating my plans and dreams out loud because something tends to cause me road blocks when they are larger than tomorrow. :)

Right now a few of the NEW THINGS would be getting out in the Sun A lot this year. I want to work on my yard this year a lot- It has been very very neglected the past few years. Going back to the Gym this is a task that is both old and new. . Taking better care of myself.  I also would like to see more of my nieces and nephews.  I would like to try some more good books and maybe real long baths with lots of bubbles.. Hang out with Todd more…Hang out with my kids more… Take a vacation….So would I trade this new stuff to do for a visit from my parents? OH in A heart beat.. Can I make it go away by wishing? NO..   Will life keep moving whether I join up or not.  Oh definately!!!

Should I grab my time and make something better of it? Yes of course.  So NOW IS….

“a Good Time to Start something new!:”

you guys can borrow my fortune too:)

p.s. it’s not as fun to eat Chinese food alone.. so if you ever want to go let me know… unless of course I am “taking better care of myself” :)