Yesterday I told you that I’d fill you in on my sugar-free change.

This change originally started as a month-long challenge for myself. I honestly wanted to gear up for those pictures. I didn’t necessarily hope to lose any weight (although I did), I mostly hoped to just feel really good when it came time to give bedroom eyes to the camera.

I started in March. I felt amazing. It made a HUGE difference for me–I was truly committed to making it a whole month this time. I did and I was happy.

So happy, in fact,  that I decided to give it another month, bring it on, April! But first, I had to let myself have a little Easter treat. The Easter Bunny (just like Santa) still stops by my mom’s house and I knew I’d be getting some chocolate. I had ONE treat. ONE thing from my basket. And, no offense, Easter Bunny, it didn’t do a whole lot or me. It didn’t make me NEED to have another or even want to.

The real turn-around came later that day, though. Mom asked me to make dessert for Easter dinner for the whole family. Now, originally I actually thought this was kind of rude considering I wouldn’t be eating the desert-couldn’t I make potatoes or something?

But I decided to make the most of it.  I decided to pick a sugar-free Easter treat from Chocolate-Covered Katie’s site (the healthy (vegan) dessert blog) for myself and make a regular treat for everyone else.

So everyone else got a boxed dessert (I had tossed around the idea of using something sinful from Pinterest like this, this, or this) but I didn’t. I spent the time making my sugar-free dessert(s), yes, I made two.

I made Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip (with sugar- free chocolate chips)

and Sugar-Free Peanut Butter Eggs.

Both were to.die.for. I do not lie when I say that they tasted better to me than the treat I had earlier that day.(Which was a Lindt chocolate bunny–fun size)

This weekend I wanted a little snack so I made 3 ingredient chocolate bars (sugar-free and same recipe used for the chocolate chips). The chocolate is a little dark for me but it’s grown on me. It’s like eating a candy bar. FOR REAL. I promise.

I made some banana soft-serve with a few tablespoons of cocoa powder, threw some chunks of chocolate in there, and viola! I had myself a little ice cream treat.

I can do this. I really can.

I can give up candy bars, and sugary baked goods. I don’t mind it. I can still satisfy my sweet tooth without all the unhealthy stuff that weighs on my stomach and most importantly, my mind. This has helped me to feel a hundred times better.

I think it’s just the discipline that I exercise. I also feel empowered as I read things online, discover new ways to make sweets, and create a healthy dessert from scratch. It has literally been life-changing.

March was practically completely sugar/sweet free. I ate zero sugary treats with very very few substitutions to sugar. April has been still pretty low on the sweets scale, but I’ve made a few snacks with natural sugars instead of processed sugars. I think this will be a permanent change for me. I feel that much of a difference.

After April I’ve tossed around the idea of allowing one sugary dessert a month (because sometimes I will really want to have TCBY) like for my birthday or something. I may not start until the end of summer, though. I don’t know. I’ll see where it takes me.

For now, though, this change has been one of the best I’ve ever made. Rather than just subtracting something from my list of things to eat, I also added some new things. I have more energy, confidence, and clarity in my mind.

Have you made any changes to your diet that have affected you in a positive way? Please share?