This weekend could easily be summed up with three words:

Sunshine, Flowers, and Mal.

1. Sunshine. Oh, the weather was absolutely perfect. I don’t think it could have been more perfect. Sunshine, just the right temperature. It was blissfully warm and sunny. I was in heaven.

2. Flowers. I have never been one to really do the flowers thing. I don’t usually cut them out of my own yard, but I took some of my daffodils this time, knowing that now the heat hit, they wouldn’t be there much longer. They sure brightened my mantel, living room, and now I require flowers on the mantel at all times. I stopped and bought some today on the way home from work.

Also, I don’t like planting flowers. I’m a girly girl and my finger nails get dirty and it’s dirty and grimy and I just have never really liked it. But a week ago I had an epiphany, people who live to older ages who are still in relatively good health, typically have one common denominator: yard work. With the sun shining, I decided to plant some flowers. This is the first year I did it strictly from my own motivation and not from my mom. I like them and I liked being out and planting in the sun.

3. Mal. Well, of course it was perfect weather for walking Mal which we thoroughly enjoyed. We also went on our first excursion to the Dog Park here. I had so much fun. I seriously had a blast. Our dog park is really nice here and I had no idea what a fun thing it would be for us. It’s fenced in, with separate areas including a small dog area. There’s also a ditch for the dogs to play in, a walkway, benches, and running water.

I gotso giddy watching Mal run and chase the other dogs. Zach and I laughed at him quite a bit. He was scared of the water at first but got over it. Also, we realized that we thought Mal liked to play with other dogs, but we discovered that Mal actually just likes to run. So he would chase other running dogs (they were perhaps fetching a ball or something). The second the dogs stopped running, Mal came back to us. He wanted nothing to do with them. He also wouldn’t drink out of the muddy water, which also made us laugh. That and there were times that he appeared to be the odd kid out in the school cafeteria, lingering outside the other circles of dogs and not really being a part of it. That actually made me have a small heartache but mostly I laughed. I love him so much.

Anyway, the weekend was unbelievable. I enjoyed it so much. I wish I could bottle it up and save it for a rainy day. This weekend was just pure bliss. This coming weekend is hopefully a repeat plus I’m getting a massage so hopefully even better!