Someone contacted me via my “Let’s Talk” box the other day. {It may or may not have been someone I know VERY well, which made it more amusing. It thrilled me nonetheless, I’ve only received one other message through that thing so it’s still VERY exciting for me).

And that box right there is one feature that I love that WordPress offers. I have it for “Let’s Talk” as well as “OPP” (submit a problem, please :)

But that’s not why I switched, those were just sweet little perks that come from the choice I made.

I'd say about 75% of my blogging is done in my pj's...or Zach's pj's for that matter

So why did I switch from my old blog to a WordPress blog (i.e. make the move from Blogger)?

The summer after I got married I got into blogging. I started reading blogs that belonged to people other than my friends/family. Lots of them. Some were family type blogs and others were professional blogs that touched on topics and addressed a wider audience.

When blogging became a hobby for me, I started thinking about the switch. I found such enjoyment in the blogging community, I wanted to become part of it. I wanted more readers, I wanted more blogging friends, I just wanted more because this became something more than a journal (and clearly something much less than a journal at times).

Usually not one to follow the crowd, I did it when I switched to WordPress. Almost every professional blogger that I read recommended WordPress. (Katie’s (from Marriage Confessions) is the first blog I read that got me thinking about it. Read her post about blogging here).

I do have a dream of getting a larger following and perhaps someday making a little money on the side with it. (I hope that doesn’t discourage you from reading, it wouldn’t be a reason I would stop writing if it never happens. I enjoy this, but money can be made from it and once I got really into blogging I started to look into that as an option).

While Blogger allows you to advertise on their blogs, everyone seemed to still recommend WordPress. does not allow you to advertise from the outside, but they recently started WordAds--those are the ads I have on my blog right now. You fill out an application and wait for a while before hearing back.

Professional bloggers usually advertise outside from sources like BlogHer, Food Buzz, various sponsors, and many others. In order to advertise through them, you must get a site instead, it’s still free, but you have to pay for your own hosting.{ I’m making that switch this summer, stay tuned!}

I ended up looking further into WordPress. I can’t remember the exact sites I looked at but here are a few if that I found when I was putting this post together that seem beneficial:

Top Blogs Use WordPress More than Any Other Blogging Format

WordPress Completely Dominates Top 100 Blogs

WordPress for Business

What Do You Think of WordPress Now that You’re Using It? allows you to search through blogs by category and they feature a handful of blogs on Freshly Pressed every day. Basically WordPress makes your blog more accessible, something you are interested in if you care to get more traffic. I have actually had other WordPress bloggers find me this way as well as finding other blogs. It’s like a little community.

Along with the community feeling, WordPress looks after you. They send you notices when things change or they’ll send tips for getting more blog traffic or making your blog more friendly to users. I love these things.  It’s like getting free lessons in blogging and having a friend update you on the latest WordPress has to offer.

I’m Used to Blogger, Will the Transition Be Overwhelming?

I can’t speak of other blogging platforms (Blogger is the only one I’m familiar with), but I can tell you that as someone who’s only marginally technically savvy, WordPress is extremely user-friendly. (I’ve HONESTLY asked for ZERO help from my husband, I promise!)

Plus, you can use search engines to look for anything you might need help finding out how to do. There are definite changes and I say far more options than you’ll find on Blogger, but it’s easy to either navigate through or find help on the topic.

I didn’t make the switch over-night. I actually created my WordPress account, and started putting my blog together before telling anyone about it. I continued blogging on Blogger but I was working on making my header, transferring my posts over, putting in the tabs at the top along with the stories in each tab, and getting comfortable and acquainted with the new platform I had chosen to use.

All of my posts old posts are still on Blogger (if you don’t delete your old blog; I haven’t because I still get traffic from my old blog). You can have them in two places so it’s not as scary. You can play around and get comfortable.

I let everyone know about my change in the form of a Giveaway, but you don’t have to do that. Especially if you have  a social network outside of your blog, I didn’t so the only way to get the word out was to post it on my blog and I wanted to make it fun. (Speaking of giveaways…I’ve got one up my sleeve later this week…stay tuned).

To sum it up:

*I followed the crowd: I switched because every professional blogger that I read uses WordPress (though most of them use but they started where I am.) Plus, I did do a little research of my own (including playing with it before letting anyone else know about it).

*I like it. I like the blogging tips, the up-to-date information, Word Ads, the traffic, and the community that I feel from WordPress).

*The transition from Blogger wasn’t difficult at all. The platform is very easy-to-use and offers SO MUCH FUN STUFF! I can’t think of a better way to say it, there’s just so much you can do, I probably haven’t even scratched the surface. I assume the transition from any other platform wouldn’t be difficult considering how easy this has been for me.

And that’s a synopsis of my switch to WordPress.

What blogging forum do you use? What do you think? Are you considering switching? Why?

Oh, and help me play with all the FUN STUFF mentioned above and send me an OPP or ask me a question through Let’s Talk, see….I make good on my word, I will blog about it–anonymously!