I have decided today not to bore you with the my deep thoughts (which really my thoughts do not run that deep anyway).   I want to address the issue of whining. Sharlee and Shane can both attest to the fact that I do not tolerate it well at all. So can my nieces and nephews. Oh my gosh nothing can take me from 0-60 faster than the screeching, high pitched “but I want a WAAAAAAAAAAA —– (toy-fruit snack, movie, McNugget!!) Whatever it is and then the follow up bawling oh… hell.  

    When I was younger I used to watch some unnamed children who were (and one still is)  the royalty of it. I completely dreaded fixing them something to eat because it always turned into an “I don’t like my toast that brown…it needs to have whitish spots in it!!! I only wanted butter on the right side of my sandwich. I don’t wanna wash my hands in the bathroom!!!  Or getting them dressed because it was this dress is not the right color… I need a new one… WAAAAAAAHHHH) it literally made my head want to explode.  I have a process of handling this with children that I didn’t have when I was 14. I absolutely will not give in to whining. I refuse. You want something you state it. You are not happy and throw a tantrum-oh well. You can verify this with my children. It works. Neither of my kids were whiners. That is the truth

Let me tell you what tops a Child Whiner – the Adult Whiner. Oh my gosh where was your mother when you were growing up? This is absolutely one of the most unattractive things a person can do… People avoid whiners unless they are whiners themselves and then those groups of people look like something off a group counseling session in a Lifetime Movie.

 Please don’t get me wrong I understand and care about other people’s problems

 Let me help you understand things that you should not whine about:

  1. 1. The line at the Chuck A Rama is too long and “you NEED to have something right now for your blood sugar!” Be proactive- take a Rubbermaid cup with some goldfish!! Don’t scream at your spouse because the line is too long…
  2. 2.  Your job. You are working at ___ (supermarket, restaurant, hospital etc) and the patrons need to-buy, eat or be treated for- something.  I don’t care if you worked yesterday or the person you just helped was rude, hungry, ornery or sick. Do not whine out loud to the public about your job! Leave it if you hate it, shut up if you can’t… You chose it and right now you are pretty damn lucky to have it. If it is that unpleasant find your way out, but do not share with people you are not sitting at the family dinner table with or your friends your distaste for it!! The people you are whining to pay your paycheck!!!
  3.  3.  Your ailments… State them to someone if you need help with them. Go to a doctor if they are severe and you certainly are allowed sympathy for this. Do not do the “well I can’t go to the walk about because I can’t walk about anymore… I used to be a champion bull rider-cheerleader-marathon runner… and now my legs can’t even get me a ride in my own pants…  By this statement I don’t mean giving your reason for not going to the walkabout, I mean repeatedly stating it and your total list of all that is wrong with you from head to toe.. Jeez wow…help the person who wants your company out just a little!
  4. 4. Do not whine about your spouse!!! Oh my gosh you are a fool… Telling people what an a… you are married to makes you look like one too… Why on earth would you do this all day and then expect to like your significant other when you get home?  I do not mean the stating of an issue to a close friend… I am talking about the nonstop onslaught of verbal assault on the person you are supposed to care for and love the most… Jeez you look dumb.
  5. 5. Your station in life… Bad things happen to EVERYONE!  The happiest people are those who do not drone on and on and on about the things that are occurring or NOT occurring in their life. STOP IT…  It is destructive. I do not mean talking about your sadness, heartbreak, stress or fatigue. I mean the nonstop.” I wanted A but I didn’t get it and my life is incomplete-a failure- total loss… Shut up and move to plan B!

 Whiners are not happy people. Happy people do not like to listen to whining all the time. Does everyone have a day when they do whine? Yes.. Everyone does. EVERYONE. The point is that we need to be aware of it and make an effort to find the good in even the bad things and move to a better place- a place where you have friends that actually like to hang out with you and people enjoy your company.     

   I have to go to work now because I didn’t win the lottery and I have lots of bills to pay and my job is 18 miles from here and I need to get done because I have too much to do at home and I am tired and my head hurts… and I would rather go to the movie. WAAAAAAAHHHHH.