Well, it’s about time I do another giveaway. It’s been a long while. I’d like to do these waayy more often.

Let me tell you the story behind this giveaway.

Today, I took a risk. It may seem small and silly to some. Others think it’s incredibly brave of me. I think it’s just the right in between.


I applied to speak at a conference…out of town…about math! I won’t say I wasn’t bribed/coerced a little by some people at work who gave me a big fat nudge. But the second I heard about it I wanted to apply and I knew I would.

I got back to my classroom and I started second-guessing myself. Honestly, I would have applied anyway, but I got a little more nervous. Then I got an email from one of my favorite people in my professional life.

Favorite Person: You are going to apply to speak at the conference aren’t you?

Me: Yes. Not sure what the topic will be but I’ll think of one.

Favorite Person: Good, because you really didn’t have a choice, we were going to make you if you weren’t volunteering :) Why don’t you brainstorm some topics and I’ll brainstorm some topics and we can solidify one together.

Me: Sounds good, thanks!

And that’s how it happened. Then it came time to put the pen to paper and I got a little nervous again. Once I buckled down and sent my proposal to be reviewed by some colleagues (a small risk in and of itself) I felt better.

I even let myself daydream about it. How maybe I would go out and buy a really nice outfit or two for the days I present. How Zach and I could buy an extra plane ticket for him and he could join me and we could hit up the town at night. How I would blog and tell you all about it. How incredibly exhilarating planning my presentation would be. How much I would love it.

And then I decided, I wouldn’t tell you guys until after I got it. That way, if I didn’t succeed, not as many people would have to know.

But you know what? I’m seeing little changes in myself every day. My career/dreams have taken a path I never in a million years would have expected. They are small (teeny tiny steps) but they are new and exciting and I’m branching out and growing. Not only in my field but in general.

It’s so much fun for me. So even if I don’t get it, I’m so proud of myself for taking a chance and feeling good enough about my content knowledge that I think I could present at this conference.

So…in honor of the excitement that comes with taking a risk. In honor of the trust in oneself that comes with going out on a limb. In honor of the ways that taking chances helps us to grow and develop into better people we were the second before we pushed the button, spoke to the cute boy in the grocery store, trained for a race, started a family, or whatever the risk might be…I am hosting a giveaway. I will give one lucky blog reader a $25 gift card to Amazon. Personally I’d look into buying these, this, this, or these (because J Lo Heels are probably the most fun heels I’ve ever put on my feet)…but you can do with it whatever you’d like. It’s yours. All you have to do is enter.

You can enter in a myriad (okay, just three) of ways:

1. Leave a comment and tell me about a risk you took recently. What was it? How did you feel? Tell me as much as you want, inspire me as well as the rest of us.

2. Tell your blog readers about my giveaway and link back to my blog. Leave a comment and tell me you did it.

3. On your honor, tell your Facebook, Twitter, or for people like my mom your email contacts about my giveaway. Comment and tell me you did that, too.

That means you can leave up to three comments if you do it all or you can pick and choose.

Play along, comment, and let’s all get excited about taking more risks!

*This post is sponsored by me. It is not supported or paid for by Amazon…wouldn’t that be cool?! Someday I’ll get there, one risk at a time!

**Oh and contest closes next Saturday, May 4th…so get busy!