What’s New to your Google Reader or Blogging Radar?


I have three absolutely phenomenal new blogs I’ve been reading. Some for just a few weeks some for a few months, either way, I feel like they’re just too good not to share. And in no particular order, my three latest blog subscriptions:

1. A Blog About Love

Written by Danny and Mara Kofoed, a newly married couple living in New York  who have overcome their struggles/trials and are here to share with the rest of their lucky readers how to choose to be happy no matter what. They share their love story (which you will die over…die I tell you), they share their personal stories and how they’ve overcome and dealt with adversity, they share the power of love in their lives and suggest how to use it in your life, they share about life in New York, they share their battle with infertility, and they literally share everything in between. I love this blog. It has convinced me to work on re-wiring my way of thinking at times. Though I need much more work, I’m constantly aware of my gift of choosing how to live each day…I want to live it with love and if anything, their blog encourages and inspires me to do just that. Read it!

2. My Name is Jacy

I believe I stumbled upon this blog through the comments in A Blog About Love, I fell instantly in love when I read this post. Although, I’ve not experienced Jacy’s exact struggles, she’s so relatable to anyone in any relationship. She is good at communicating with her readers and I feel already at ease even though I just started reading. She’s beautiful and has a beautiful outlook and approach to life and I think her blog is a wonderful resource, tool, comfort, and support to many women and I think that is simply wonderful.

3. Enjoying the Small Things

I don’t know how I found this blog. I honestly don’t, but I am so so so glad that I did. It is truly a remarkable blog. From the writing, to the photography, to the beautiful children and writer herself. This blog has inspired me to find more beatify in the little everyday things. I often look at her pictures and am in awe of her ability to capture such beauty in such simplicity. She seems to do just about everything in an extraordinary way and I find myself completely rejuvenated by it. Her view of the world is contagious and I recommend it to everyone.

Have you added any new blogs lately? Do you have any classic favorites to share?

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