It seems like I am always working on self-improvement. I want to be the best in every possible aspect of my life. What holds me back? Mainly, I’m selfish. I really need to get myself out of my selfish ways.

The other day I was walking Mal and I had some thoughts on how I could serve others. It then occurred to me that I don’t think this way all the time, like I’d like, because I am not in the habit of being selfless and serving.

I then had the idea (I think it was more inspiration than anything) that I could devote one month at a time to a certain aspect of my life. I could pay special attention to that area in particular and pray about ways to improve. I think the more that I do that, the more thoughts of others and how to serve and help others will come to me. It might take me six months, six years, or longer to do this. But it certainly can’t hurt. So I’m going for it.

Here’s the break down if you’re interested:

May-Be a Better Disciple— (this could encompass about a million areas of my life but right now I’m specifically focussing on my calling as a primary teacher and visiting teacher. )

June-Be a Better Neighbor

July-Be Healthier (As of right now, I plan to prepare even healthier meals–meaning focusing specifically on cooking with more veggies and also exercise will be a focal point of the month.)

August-Be a Better Friend

September-Be a Better Daughter

October-Be a Better Teacher

November-Be a Better Wife–
Our anniversary month–I find it perfectly fitting!

December-Be a Better Pet Owner (the winter months are really bad for Mal, I know that seems silly but I’m a much better owner in the spring/summer/fall months because I take him out a lot. Sometimes multiple times a day. And I think taking care of God’s creatures (human or not) is valuable to him either way.

I’m not saying I will change a million things each month. Maybe I’ll visit my primary kids in May and then maybe sometime down the road, I’ll have the thought to do it again? Maybe I’ll be better at remembering to pray for the ladies I visit teach and then sometime down the road, I’ll keep remembering to do it. It’s little things that will just be baby steps to helping me focus on others and not myself.

We’ll see how I feel after each month and I might start again in January! Want to join me?!

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