I know I gotta put in the hours, make the money while the sunlight shines

But anything I gotta get done, It can get done some other time

Time Is love, gotta run, love to hang longer, but I got someone who waits,

Waits for me and right now she’s where I need to be, Time is love, gotta run.

This is a verse from Josh Turner’s song Time is Love.

 This truth came totally to my mind yesterday when Cara told me the following story :

  Grayson and Gunnar are in the 3rd grade and on Wednesday the Middleton High School Orchestra was putting on a program and they sent flyers around their school inviting people to the program.  Grayson is very interested in this kind of thing and he brought the flyer home and he wanted to go to it.  It started early and Cara wasn’t sure that she wanted to try it.  Here is a little side note-Levi leaves for work at 5.45 in the morning works a 10 hour day and comes home at 5.30 at night.. Long days and hard work and an hour of driving. He came in the door at close to 6.p.m. and Grayson showed him the flyer and said “I would really like to go to this dad”. In order to go to it Levi would have to change clothes and they would need to leave almost immediately.  He did that! He changed his clothes after being gone 12 hours from home, tired and hungry and he took his two sons to the concert that they were invited to in Middleton.  This story made me happy. Happy for the memories of that concert for my nephews. What a good way to show love and have a nice time. Time is love.

A man should never neglect his family for business.
Walt Disney 1901 – 1966

When my kids sit around and discuss their happiest memories. The sentence usually always starts with “remember that time ___” , it doesn’t begin with “remember when I got ___“.   When we look back on things that mean the most to us it is usually the time spent with those we love the most

Shar has an almost compulsive need to spend time with Zach. She sets it on a schedule and they fit in the time to watch movies, play a game, take Mal to the dog park or even go to the Farmer’s Market together.   Shane and Kylie spend their time together now going to the gym and hitting movies together. Both of my kids know that Time is love.

When we love someone the greatest gift we can give them is our time.  We learn things from time spent that we can gain no other way. I began to look back at the things that bring to mind love for me in my life.  Some of these are the times when Todd and I just sit and watch House together for an uninterrupted hour, trips with him to Lowe’s to pick out things for working on our house, eating dinner together at the table with my family, going shopping(not for groceries though-If you recall Shar’s time management for me blog!), karaoke with all of our family at my parent’s house, the lunches with mom and my kids on Fridays, lunches with mom after her doctor appointments when she would tell me about her mom and friends, the times I went to dinner with my dad and I learned life stories from him that I would never have known otherwise, my parents playing kickball with us in the yard, my grandma letting me ride with her on her job, time spent talking over heartache and anger with friends, the list goes on and on.  The list is long and yet time does run short.                                                                                     

I used to have a terrible time getting my housework done when my kids were little because I couldn’t quit playing with them long enough to work. Sometimes I would have to set them in the middle of my projects just so I could see them and still get done. I have always seemed to know that I needed as many possible minutes with them as I could have. I took them everywhere with me. I couldn’t get enough of them. 

Todd and I spend a lot of time apart due to his work as well as having had parents with health problems. So our time has been split a lot.  This makes the t.v. program watching together a real gift as is the ride in the truck to Lowe’s.  I still love hanging out with him. He still surprises me sometimes too which is always fun. It is good to hear his stories and he listens to mine a lot !!  

There was a part in the movie “Think Like A Man” where all the guys are sitting in the bar talking over their issues and how they don’t need the women and what freedom they are enjoying. The lone happily married guy soon tells them that he has to go home, it is his turn to cook. They all begin to chide him for this … he states “I don’t do it because I have to –I like cooking for them- I like being with them,” they all look surprised and yet a little jealous and he gets up and leaves. No apology no further explanation.  

I think the world would be so much better if we all got better at taking the time to show love. Take your family for a walk or a ride, visit your grandparents or parents or sad neighbor, call you children on the phone, call your parents on the phone, hug your spouse heck KISS your spouse A LOT , answer the phone(yes this is for me), send a note, plan a dinner- The Time we have is now, the moment you are living in is gone.  Make them count. Make a memory.  TIME IS LOVE



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