You know how in just about any relationship (mother/daughter, sister/brother, friends, significant others, etc..) you have a “thing” with that person. Maybe even a few things that are telling of your relationship and that thing usually is a large contributor to that unique fingerprint of your relationship.

For Zach and I we have a lot of little things: There’s a way that we cuddle at night and we have this little thing we say before we fall asleep, we hold hands any time a prayer is being uttered whether it’s our own prayer, the sacrament prayer, or the dinner prayer at a family gathering, we say, “Yeah?!” in a really goofy voice when we’re talking to each other and being goofy (from this YouTube video–we say it in the dog’s voice, I know, we’re nerds), this song, this song, this song, we tell each other or write it in texts, emails, cards “I love you…a really lot!”, and lots of other things. I think my favorite thing of ours, though, is Hershey Kisses.

When Zach and I first met, there were circumstances that led us to just ‘be friends.” We honestly were much more than friends but we abstained from anything physical for the first three months…kind of. I can say this: we didn’t kiss for three months.

By the time we kissed, we knew we were going to kiss. We’d already told each other we would get married for crying out loud. We were already telling each other we loved each other. It wasn’t exactly a surprise first kiss for me.

Long before we physically kissed, Zach and I started exchanging kisses, Hershey kisses. In fact, Zach kept a bag of them at his place and would give me one whenever I left. I’d grab one and hand it to him. I honestly don’t know how it started, probably just being goofy but it took hold and really became a thing for us.

Two weeks after we’d exchangedreal kisses, Zach gave me my first Valentine’s Day gift from a boyfriend. It was a giant Hershey Kiss that he’d personalized and ordered online. The tag coming out of the kiss read, “Thanks for waitin for my kiss.” I cried. He even had it addressed, “To: My Soulmate From: Yours.

He was shocked when we got married and moved in together and I still had the giant kiss, he thought I would have eaten it by now. But I couldn’t, it just means too much to me.

Now, we include Hershey Kisses in just about every celebration: birthdays, anniversary, holidays, just because. I like it. It’s a little way and an easy way to remember where we started and it still makes me giddy.

What are your things with your significant other, best friend, sibling, etc…? I love these kinds of things. I’m quite the sentimental lady.