“I’m having a garage sale in less than a month.”–This is such a dangerous mindset to have. Why?



*You randomly decide you don’t want that skirt or pair of pants anymore when you’re folding laundry and so you start an impromptu “garage sale” pile. And maybe you really don’t want them anymore, but maybe you really just don’t want to hang them so instead, they’re going in the pile.

*You start tackling areas of your house that need cleaned out (like your entryway closet) and everything looses sentimental value. Everything ends up in the garage sale pile–nothing needs saving.

*You create several small piles in your garage that have no organization to them whatsoever, but you keep adding to the piles. When you finally realize what a PAIN it’s going to be to sort through, price, and display all of these items you kind of want to cry and take it all to the DI right now.

*You start getting overly hopeful about bringing in a good chunk of change at your garage sale so you can finally get a new couch. So much so that you’ve actually committed (and made your husband commit) to selling the couch at the sale, too…

At least that’s what I do when I’m having a garage sale. It’s three weeks away and I cannot wait for it to be over. I’ve created a monster in myself with this new attitude about just getting rid of it allat  the garage sale. Hopefully some people show up.