It’s no secret that I adore my mom. I share this blog with her because I think so highly of her. All of you know that, she knows that, so what more could I say?

I thought about this, what could I say that hasn’t really already been said             (x 678628)?

I came up with something. One little thing that I haven’t really covered. One little thing that I think sums up all of the reasons my mom is incredible.

What has my mom given me? Aside from life, love, and a plethora (used that word just for you, mom!) of wonderful and beautiful memories.

My mom has given me the desire to be a mother.

Today, me making this statement means more than it did ten years ago.

I always wanted to be a mom, at least until I grew up and started to work alongside mothers.

After that, I started to look at motherhood differently than I had all the years before. (I had a rich and beautiful childhood made complete simply because my mother loved me to death and I absolutely knew it, without.a.doubt.)

I started to think that maybe motherhood was this big conspiracy. I started thinking that all of these women that were encouraging me to have a baby weren’t really doing it because it’s wonderful. Maybe they were only encouraging me to join the ranks of motherhood because they hate it and can’t say that they do because that would be awful. I thought maybe this why people keep procreating, because people won’t be flat-out honest about motherhood.

As far off base as this is, I likened it to the short-haired hairdresser who chops off your long hair because although, she wanted short, stylish hair, that commitment restricts the number of things she can do with her hair and long hair is classic and versatile and so she secretly had you join her ranks before you were able to notice. She takes you out of long-haired club and into her club. (That’s the number one reason women don’t cut my hair). You may see this analogy as a major detour from the sacred nature of motherhood and in essence find it disrespectful, but I saved that analogy for today for my mom (I’ve been working/saving that one for a special occasion). I do not doubt for a minute that she just laughed at the brilliance of that comparison.

But that’s all irrelevant now.

Here’s the gift my mom gave me: In a world full of women that don’t make their children a priority. In a world where it more often than not appears that motherhood is a conspiracy. In a world where children are a lesser people who the parent refers to as being “stuck at home with.” My mom’s love of us and love of motherhood altogether, have given me hope that it can be so much more than that. It is so much more than that.

One person. One mom–lights a fire inside me to be a mom and be the best one I could be at that.

I can’t think of any better way than to honor my mother today than to tell her that she has given me the desire to follow in her steps. She sometimes mentions the blessings that get from my college education to make me feel successful and accomplished, but the fact of the matter is it’s all material. My success will have it’s highs and lows. I will not get to shine forever in my career, it just doesn’t happen.  But the love I felt as a child and still feel today, the joy I know my mom took in raising me, will stick with me forever. That is unchanging. I will forever be grateful and I will forever honor my mom for giving me such a wonderful gift.

I have the desire to be called ‘mom.” The desire to plan vacations. The desire to set up a bed in the living room and drink hot chocolate while watching  A Challenge to be Free. The desire to make up songs for my kids and tuck them into bed at night. The desire to have a smell associated with me as ‘mom’s.” The desire to create a home/haven for my children. The desire to make my kids feel as loved and adored as I did.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Thank you a million times over!